Friday, December 3, 2010

The 3's of Me

This list of useless bits of information about me are brought to you courtesy of a challenge by my friend Bob of Kansas Bob! Pour another couple of hot coffee, sit back, and prepare to be overwhelmed with trivia that will win you nothing nor enhance your viewing pleasure.

 Any resemblance to anything worthwhile is purely a coincidence and unintentional. All purchases are final and there is nothing you can do you get these five minutes back.

Thank You Kansas Bob!

3 Nicknames

Gregg - short for Gregory. Which at 55 years of age my mother still calls me Gregory Dean. This is OK with me but it makes me think I am in some kind of trouble.

Boots - I use to wear Dan Post or Tony Lama cowboy boots all through high school and well beyond. Dress code? My dress code was a white T-Shirt, Boot-cut Levis, and a pair of Tony Lama or Dan Posts.

Greggie - My former co-worker, at American General Finance (we were severanced when HQ decided to close our branch office in Longview) began calling me this for some reason. The other employees including the manager picked it up. I didn't mind because it seemed to be a term of "endearment" and comradely.

3 Jobs I Have Had

Department of Defense GS4 Police Officer - I served for three years as a DOD Police Officer on (SIAD) Sierra Army Depot, Herlong, CA.

Slaughterhouse Worker - I worked part time at a Butcher Shop in Cedarville to supplement the income from the church. On Tuesdays we worked all day in the Slaughterhouse killing the sheep, pigs, cows, and other animals in order to prepare them for sale in the butcher shop. I had the glamorous job of handling the gut-cart and scoring the ribs on the beef halves.

Ice Cream Worker - This was a fun job! I worked three years for Alta Dena Dairy when I was in Bible College and we made ice cream. I worked in the freezer where it was 50 below zero. We pulled ice cream off the conveyor belt, stacked it in pallets, and then by fork lift placed the ice cream on racks in the freezer. After production was completed for the day, we then pulled orders for shipment on local routes and around the country. We would spend the better part of the shift loading 45' semi trailers with the best ice cream in the world.

3 Places I have lived

Reno, Nevada - once you get off the "strip," Virginia Street, Reno is like any other town. It was friendly, full of history, and very beautiful. It is called "The Biggest Little City in the World." It is in the high desert.

Cedarville, CA - This was heaven on earth. Surprise Valley was about 4500 feet and nestled in the Warner Mountains, home of the Modoc National Forest. The valley was 7 miles wide and 15 miles long. Surprise Valley was home to four towns, Cedarville, Lake City, Eagleville, and Fort Bidwell. Cedarville had 800 people and Surprise Valley had about 1500.

Bluffton, South Carolina - I was stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort with VMA-311 A4E attack squadron. We found a wonderful older home on several acres in the woods about 30 minutes or so away in a little town called Bluffton. Bluffton was located  near the Savannah River. Since Bluffton had 100 residents, well 103 after Irene, Shannon, and myself moved there. We did all our shopping and such in Savannah, GA. If Al Gore's invention thingamajig called the Internet is accurate the town since 1974 has grown to 4,000.

3 Favorite Drinks

Coffee - First thing after Coco and Theophilus get their cat food breakfast and Fi Fi does her "business" I put on an 8 cup pot of hot black coffee and it is gone within a couple of hours. I suck it down during my morning devotions.

Root Beer - love Root Beer! I think I like A and W the best, but will drink just about any brand. Oops, I gotta be honest here, I really don't like diet root-beer.

Wine - I like a good red wine with dinner. Psalm 104 tells us God gave us wine to enjoy. However, like John Calvin, who received a portion of his pastoral compensation in wine, I set a limit and rules. Unbelievers drink to forget, believers drink to remember, remember God's gifts and goodness and to praise Him. So, rule one - drink a glass to the glory of God; rule 2) moderation; rule 3) do not force my liberty and conviction on a weaker brother who doesn't enjoy the same level of grace. (I respect and honor those who abstain in order to be clean and sober)

3 TV Shows I have Watched

Burn Notice - this is my favorite show on TV. "My name is Michael Weston, I used to be a spy..."

Frasier - this show was hilarious. The writing, directing, and acting was the best ever. It is actually as funny, if not a teeny-weensy bit funnier than Seinfeld.

CSI-Vegas - I never watched a show like this prior to becoming hooked. The closest I got was the original recipe Law and Order. I caught it when nothing else was on one evening and was hooked. Hooked, until they killed Brown, Sarah left, and Gil left.

3 of My Favorite Foods

BBQ ribs - I have a killer recipe! Nuff said, come by some time, I will make you some.

Sloppy Joe's and Fries - can't beat it!

Meatloaf, Baked Tater, Green Beans, Green Salad

3 Things That Are Always At My Side 

 My new LG Rumor phone my daughter got me.

My Thin line ESV  Bible

My Lord and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ

3 Things I am Looking Forward To

The Launch Date - I am looking forward to setting a launch date in which to begin a new church.

Heaven - This is my hope; rapture or resurrection from the grave to be in the presence of the Lord forever.

Job - I continue to seek and pray, begging the Lord to supply a job before unemployment insurance runs out


Ma ~ said...

It is nice to know more about you Gregg:>)

...believers drink to remember, remember God's gifts and goodness and to praise Him

very nicely put:) (I like a good white wine meself;)

Ma ~ said...

I meant to add...

Did working in that slaughterhouse make it hard to eat meat?!

I love meat, but I don't really want to know where it comes from..

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Very interesting Gregg, Good to know more about the man behind the blog.



Thanks for sharing some of the facts of your life. I worked around slaughterhouses and meat packing companies most of my adult life. I worked for California Rendering Co. and I'm sure you know about the rendering business... El-Stinko!!

Have a great weekend :-)


Kansas Bob said...

Great 3s Gregg. I resonate with a lot of them. Like your choice of beverages although I am an IBC root beer guy. I also love Sloppy Joes - made some this week.. and had one of the originals in Key West. Loved Frasier too.. thought CSI took a nose dive when Gil left.. and we saw the Burn Notice pilot a few weeks ago and have started watching it.

Persis said...

I really enjoyed learning a little bit more about you, Gregg.

Cathy M. said...

Three minutes well spent. Great to know you better, and a great idea for a light blog. I may follow your example.

I grew up a "Blue Law Baptist." Drinking alcohol was a sin, even though we farmed tobacco! (ha ha) We have an adult beverage on occasion, but we are very mindful of lingering perceptions.

Dan Post boots used to be made in my hometown, (Clarksville, TN) before they closed the factory and moved it to Mexico. Back in the day, if you didn't have a kickin' pair of boots, you were really out of style!

JD Curtis said...

Gregg - short for Gregory

No word of lie. You can't make this stuff up!

I had a friend who would often attend baseball games being that his wife worked for a company that had season tickets only four rows behind home plate.

One day, baseball player Greg Legg was up at bat and the announcer proclaimed over the PA system, Now batting, Second Baseman Greg Legg!. Upon the announcer saying this, Greg Legg stepped into the batter's box, only to hear my friend shout out as loud as he can, Hit one for your sister Peg!....Greg!

The crowd of a several thousand roared with laughter and Legg turned around and shot my friend a look that would have stopped mud flying in mid-air.

Just thought it was funny, thats all.

IanH said...

Gregg, after three years in an ice cream factory at -50 degrees, we should make you an honorary Canadian! Eh? Great post! You are a man of surprises.