Thursday, March 4, 2010

Notable Quotes: It’s Just A Family Tradition!

Sometimes you just come across a statement that goes beyond the category of just simply scratching your head. Such statements go beyond categorizing and so they float around for while causing your eyes to itch, your stomach to burn, and you forehead to get all wrinkled and crinkled up. Here are such “notable quotes:”

“When you’re trying to market Jesus, sometimes there’s a tendency to mute traditional Christian symbols. Difficult doctrines are left by the wayside. Hell is a morally repugnant doctrine. People wonder why God would send people to eternal punishment.”

So stated The Rev. Fred Johns, pastor of Brookview Wesleyan Church in Irondale, Alabama. He gave this remarkable gem to the Religious News Service when he was explaining his avoidance of the doctrine of hell as a market-driven approach.

“My campaign is not based on a foundation of lies. My values are not lies. It’s just the information I provided to the people is false.”

This gem escaped from Antwon Womack, a candidate for the Birmingham, Alabama Board of Education when he explained why he would not drop out of the race after this resume was shown to be riddled with lies.

Hank Williams Jr. might like this third and final “Notable Quote.” You remember his song, Family Tradition? It starts out, “Country music singers have always been a real close family, but lately some of my kinfolk have disowned a few others and me. I guess it's because I went and changed my position, Lord, I guess I went and broke their family tradition."

Well it seems that once upon a time the United Methodist’s and the Evangelical Lutheran’s were a real close family, but at some point some of the kinfolk disowned a few others from each side. More than likely it was because someone went and changed their position and in doing so went and broke the family tradition.

Well good news its seems, The Rev. Donald McCoid, the ecumenical official for the Evangelical Church in America made this statement when approval was given for a communion agreement between the two groups:

“We have always been kin. We’ve been cousins, and now we’ll be a part of a closer family.”

Rev McCoid, I think Hank Jr. did his song in the Key of E. What key are you going to do this new rendition in?

What say Ye?

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