Friday, March 26, 2010

The Fountain of all Goodness

But although our mind cannot conceive of God, without rendering some worship to him, it will not however, be sufficient simply to hold that he is the only being whom all ought to worship and adore, unless we are also persuaded that he is the fountain of all goodness, and that we must seek everything in him and in none but him.”

(John Calvin)

It is only by God’s grace and the working of His Holy Spirit, that we are brought to an awareness that God is not only our maker but that he also supports us by His power, rules us by His providence, cares for us by His goodness, and gives to us all kinds of blessings.

We are gently and sweetly persuaded that we are to expect everything from Him and Him alone. We must be brought to a point where we ask everything from God. Then we not only have reason to give joyful thanksgiving, but we are eager to give to God the glory that is rightfully His.

It is this knowledge that a real life of faith in Christ and that a beneficial knowledge of God springs up! This is what teaches us to live a life of faith and holiness to the glory of God.

What is it? The knowledge that God, and God alone, becomes the very fountain and source of every good thing in our lives. It is the knowledge that we can trust Him as the supply for everything and every need that we will ever experience.


arlee bird said...

It is also important to distinguish what we think we need and what we want from God, from what it is that God wants and needs from us. I think a lot of people turn bitter, lukewarm, and cold because they think God hasn't listened to them. The real problem is they don't really know God.

arlee bird said...
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Dora's Daddy said...

First, I really appreciated this blog today. I haven't really been walking close with my Abba for the past several weeks. Your blog helped to remind me that He is here, right now...working in me.
Second, I really appreciated Lee's comment. Boy does that remind me of the truth...TOO often I've questioned God because I didn't get what I asked for...all the while forgetting that my two eyes, ears, arms, legs etc. are intact, functioning...and that I am blessed to have a wonderful wife, child....I am blessed to be so spoiled.

Gregg said...

Lee - thanks for your kind and insightful words. You are absolutely right when we go to God we are welcomed to make our reqeust with one specific caveat - they will be done. Many people say they tried prayer and it didn't work for them. The reason is that, one as you say, they really don't know God; and two, they don't really know the purpose of prayer.

Dora's Daddy - thank you for your honesty and transparency. It is tough to humble ourselves and say we are not walking with God. Thank you for encouraging me with your words that I was a help or blessing to you.

Yes, Lee, is spot on. Prayer is not for us necessarily to go to God like a vending machine and obtain what we want; it is an avenue to humble ourselves and change or conform our will (wants) to His wants for our lives and His glory.

We deserve nothing and God owes us nothing. Yet, He gives us what He knows we need when we need it according to His riches in glory, far above what we can think or ask.


I've met many people who claim that they love and know God but have little or no understanding of biblical truth and doctrine. To claim to know God and to be biblical illiterate is like trying to mix oil and water. God’s grace and the working of His Holy Spirit will always drive the sinner to the Bible. The only way we can be persuaded that He is the fountain of all goodness is to know His Word.

It's sad that most churches today have made their top priority entertainment and put the Word of God on the back burners.

I guess people just don't have ears to hear anymore?
Of course the Bible says it will be that way in the last days?

Brian Ray Todd said...

I listen to the late Pastor J. Vernon McGee's "Through the Bible' broadcast wherever I can, and he emphasizes the importance of "getting the Word of God out". The Great Commission of Jesus to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you, is the kingdom work that can lead the hearts touched by the Holy Spirit to the foot of the Cross. Once the realization of our sin and inability to save ourselves on our own, the Savior offer of forgiveness and eternal life is able to be seen and sincerely accepted. Heart knowledge is not the goal, but heart transformation. The fountain of all Goodness is recognized and cherished, revered, honored, praised and given glory. Our Maker holds our very breath in His hand and He is our Father. Amen