Monday, March 8, 2010

Book Review: John Bunyan

Crisp, clear, concise, and coherent describes John Bunyan by Kevin Belmonte. This book was easy and a joy to read. John Bunyan is not an in-depth biography that bogs down in either massive or uninteresting detail that sometimes makes reading a slow go. This is a simple yet direct telling of a story that flows pleasantly. This book was not only interesting but it held my attention from the beginning to the end.

John Bunyan is a part of the Christian Encounters biography series published by Thomas Nelson Publishers. John Bunyan is a 142 page synopsis of the life of John Bunyan and the events that led to his writing of the classic Pilgrim’s Progress.

Belmonte weaves this wonderful story of this godly man through tales of civil war, persecution, and prison. In this short and easy to read tale one is privileged to gather a wonderful glimpse of the man who wrote one of the most endearing and lasting classics of all times.

As you read this book you are transported back to 17th century England. Belmonte makes the journey and transition easy as you join Bunyan and his family in their daily struggles. Belmonte makes it easy to experience the pain and sorrow of the Bunyan family. You can almost hear the soldiers and smell the powder as Belmonte tells the stories of war and revolution.

I give this little yet powerfully packed Biography of John Bunyan five stars. I heartily recommend this book to anyone who wishes to know more about this wonderful man.

I have received a free copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for this review.


Eddie Eddings said...

Thanks for the review. One of the things that is difficult for me here in Kuwait is no Half-Price Books or Christian Book Stores to frequent. And if I ordered a Christian book there is no guarantee I would get it. (Laws and primitive address system/mail delivery) I only get e-mail here and I have a few sites that offer free books on line. Someday, Lord willing, I may purchase a Kindle so that books would be easy to download and wouldn't have to go through government relulations.
I like to stay informed though, so any and every book review you post will be read eagerly.

Gregg said...

You are very welcome sir! Bummer about what you can have or not have while you are there. That would just about kill me. Hope you can get a Kindle soon. I will make it a point to review a bit more for your benefit.

Thank you for reading my blog and taking time to make comments. I really appreciate it and I am encouraged.