Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The A - Z Challenge!

In the March 27, 2010 post from Lee over at Tossing it Out, he issued this "double dog dare you" challenge:

"In April I've decided to do a Blogging from A to Z theme and I'm inviting any of you who think you have what it takes to join me. In other words, I challenge you to join me--I double dog dare you! The challenge would entail that each day participating bloggers post at least 100 words based on the letter of that day, starting with "A" on April 1 and ending with "Z" on April 30. Does that sound too difficult for you?"

Now, most of you know that I am not the kind of guy that if everyone was jumping off the I-5 bridge at Lexington Avenue I would jump also. I haven’t succumbed to a double dog dare challenge since high school. Having said that I find his challenge interesting, intriguing, inspiring, and irresistible; therefore I accept! (Gulp!!)

So, beginning Tuesday, April 1st, I am going to begin this double dog dare challenge with a post that begins or is related to the letter “A.” I hope to remain informative, inspiring, and encouraging to my readers and followers during this month.

Please share the Gospel Driven Disciples with those whom you know and maybe they can join in this great experiment. You can also find a fan page on Face book now for the Gospel Driven Disciples, stop by there and click on becoming a fan. I hope that you will drop by Tossing it Out and see how he is doing with his blogging from A to Z theme!

Let the games begin!


Beth Zimmerman said...

Hi! I'm a new follower. Found you via the Blogging A to Z Challenge (which I have also accepted). Looking forward to hearing what you have to say over the coming month!

Anonymous said...

I'm not taking the A to Z challenge buy I'll be checking up on a bunch of you that are. I hope you do well.

Survivormama said...

Hi, found you through A-Z challenge..and I am following you now as well..Nice to meet ya!

Gregg Metcalf said...

Beth & Shannon - thanking you for stopping by and joining my site. I hope you are blessed as you join in the challenge. Nice to meet you guys also!

OG - To bad you are not joining in. Your type of posts & questions would have fit fine. But you bless me brother so much. Thank you!

Survivormama said...

Gregg did you go to Bible College with a John Griffin...if so I am his daughter Shannon...please contact me I would love to get reconnected with you all! I am in total shock right now!