Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Where Were You?

A woman is comforted by a man near a triage tent set up for the
“Where were You?” 
An Answer about the Boston Marathon Bombings

“Where was God?” Already the question is being asked and it is showing up in print. Each time a horrific and unthinkable event takes place people start asking this question. What they are really saying, or at least thinking is, “if there is a God why didn’t He stop this?” Or, “Why would God all this to happen?” God’s existence, God’s abilities, God’s character, and God’s will are called into question.

The question is, “moments before the explosion where were you?” You see, God was right where He has been for an infinite forever. God, if you would, is right where He “belongs.” God is on His throne; God is ruling and reigning sovereignly in this world. God does as He pleases (as He pleases Himself, not you) and does not ask the counsel of a living soul.

Where were you? I don’t mean were you in Boston or Aurora, Co or Newtown, CT or at the World Trade Center. Where were you? Were you in a place of indifference, resistance, rebellion, oblivion or denial? Where were you? Were you in a place of submission, worship, or fellowship with God?

First, let me say that I am not indifferent to the suffering and the horrific tragedy that people suffered at Boston, Aurora, or Newtown. My heart goes out to those who were killed and injured by murderous terrorists who are unfit to live, let alone exist in this country. My heart breaks for the pain and suffering forced upon my fellow human beings.

Second, it is not fitting that we should question God, His existence, His reasoning’s or His motives. Our concern should be with our response to such a tragedy.

The frightening and sobering truth is that God who remains God and as God has given to mankind the one thing that man desired above all – to do as he pleases. The Apostle Paul makes it quite clear that as mankind rejected God, God gave man over to his own depraved and darkened heart to do as he desires. Granted, God has placed some restraints on some men and their behavior. Mankind does not seek God nor does mankind want anything to do with God.

Yet, when our life is interrupted by pain or suffering, mankind is quick to ask the question, “Where is God?” I wonder if God sits on His throne and ever asks the question, “Where were you?” OOPS, God did ask the question once didn’t He? In the garden – he asked “Adam, where are you?”

The bombing was a terrible tragedy. People are filled today with pain and tremendous grief. Let’s not blame God as ineffective, uncaring, or indifferent. Turn to God, run to Him. It is only the goodness and grace of God that you were spared. It is the goodness and grace of God that leads you to repentance. Repent of your sin. You are under the wrath of God. God is angry at you and your sin. You escaped these afore mentioned tragedies – take advantage of that blessing and turn to God for the forgiveness of your sin.

Where was God? He was right where He belongs. Where were you? Where are you right now? 


Arlee Bird said...

The people who ask this question are certainly not thinking in the terms you are suggesting. They like to blame God without taking on any personal accountability for anything. If God didn't allow anything bad to happen I guess this world would be Heaven. This world is not ready for Heaven.

An A to Z Co-Host
Tossing It Out

Anonymous said...

I said these same words when I lost my husband just after losing mum.
I think most people think along these lines. I was in Boston 2 years ago and walked down that very street, quite a shock to see what has happened this week. But WHERE ARE THOSE RESPONSIBLE? My thoughts are with all concerned and with the US in general.


On a light note hope you get to her that song.