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Hawaii Five 0

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The series covers the actions of a small special state task force created by the Governor of Hawaii, Gov. Pat Jameson, to investigate serious crimes throughout the Islands, as Hawaii does not have a conventional state police force. The team is headed byLieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett, USNR as it investigates crimes ranging from terrorism to kidnapping. 
McGarrett chooses as his partner Honolulu PD Detective Danny "Danno" Williams. He fills out the team by selecting Chin Ho Kelly, and Chin's cousin, a rookie HPD cop named Kono Kalakaua. The task force does not follow the normal chain of command and instead reports directly to the Governor's office. One unexplained part of the story concerns the name Five-0. 
Taken from a shirt worn by the young Steve McGarrett in a video that the team watches, Kono decides that Five-0 would be a good name for their task force. However, it is not explained how everyone (including tourists) seems to know what Five-0 is despite it being an unofficial name coined in a private meeting, although the name appears to have been made official in later episodes. 
Five-0's headquarters are apparently located in Aliiolani Hale, site of a famous Kamehameha Statue, which features prominently in the series; in real life Aliiolani Hale serves as the central headquarters of the Hawai'i State Judiciary and where the Supreme Court of Hawaii regularly convenes.
Each episode typically begins with a crime being committed or a body being discovered (although in one episode the team was assigned to provide protection  for a foreign dignitary), and assignment of the subsequent criminal investigation to the unit by either the governor herself or her representative. The task force uses the authority of the governor's office to gain access to crime scenes and investigations involving the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) when they cross paths. To assist them in their investigations, the team is granted immunity from prosecution for actions committed in the line of duty, although this immunity is revoked by the lieutenant governor following the governor's assassination.

Aloha, I Think!
by Gregg Metcalf

Dear Sir I write this note to tell you of my fight
and at the time of this writing I ain't a pretty sight
I am black and blue and to breathe ain't no fun
for you see I fought the law and the law won

I decided to rob a bank and go on the lam
but things didn't go according to my plan
I never thought I would have any kind of snag
I just thought the money would be in the bag

Now walking into the bank wasn't so very hard
I picked this bank because it didn't have a guard
All the tellers were young with very little experience
I didn't want them to have too much common sense

So, I walked in and handed the teller my written note
she would know what to do from all that I wrote
plain and simple instructions were they I did think
but when the teller read the note she didn't even blink

She reached across the counter and grabbed me by the shirt
with a mighty swing she punched my nose and it began to hurt
she jumped up on the counter and kicked me in the chin
she pushed my to the floor and commenced to kick me again

As soon as I hit the floor another teller ran to me
she also had in mind to inflict some pain and agony
they kicked me in the groin and someone pulled my hair
I didn't think I was ever going to get out of there

At last I heard the sirens as I began to swoon
I hoped the cops would hurry to the bank very soon
because if they didn't I was sure that I was a gonner
this day hadn't gone as planned it was sure a bummer

The next thing that I knew the cops had rushed in
I thought they would help me but they hit me again
I fell to the floor as they tap-danced on my head
right there in her line where I was bruised and bled

Then over to me walked a fellow so tall and dark
his name was Steve McGarret and he was on no lark
Aloha was what I heard him say as he flashed his badge
he took aside the teller the one they all called Madge

He asked her to tell him what had just gone down
all the while I laid there making not a sound
she told the story plain and simple except for one part
she forgot to tell him how she acted like Black Bart

 McGarret turned to his faithful partner and friend
hook-em up and read-em his rights he said but then
 I heard him say in a tone that would scare Tony Soprano
those fateful words that bring a chill, "Book-em Danno!"

Once or twice walking to the car I "fell to the floor"
now and again I felt punches to my back once more
they broke my nose and 3 ribs and that's all I can say
I hope you'll understand why I am not at work today


Anonymous said...

Excellent Gregg, I loved that programme.......it was the first programme we saw in colour on out tv back in 1972. The poem also was great. Well done on a perfect H POST.


Arlee Bird said...

I guess I saw a few episodes of this, but never got very excited over it. I guess this was on during that period of my life when I didn't watch much prime time TV.

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Pam Williams said...

I LOVE the new Hawaii 5-0. Of course, I love any and all shows about Hawaii because Hawaii is my favorite place on earth!