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Frasier is an American sitcom that was broadcast on NBC for eleven seasons from September 16, 1993, to May 13, 2004. The program was created and produced by David AngellPeter Casey, and David Lee (as Grub Street Productions) in association with Grammnet (2004) and Paramount Network Television.
A spin-off of CheersFrasier stars Kelsey GrammerDavid Hyde PierceJohn MahoneyJane LeevesPeri Gilpin, and Moose. It was one of the most successful spin-off series in television history, as well as one of the most critically acclaimed comedy series.
Psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane (Grammer) returns to his hometown of Seattle, Washington, following the end of his marriage and his life in Boston (as seen in Cheers). His plans for a new life as a bachelor are complicated when he is obliged to take in his father, Martin (Mahoney), a retired Seattle Police Department detective, who has mobility problems after being shot in the line of duty during a robbery. Frasier hires Daphne Moon (Leeves), as Martin's live-in physical therapist and care giver, and tolerates Martin's dog Eddie(Moose). Frasier's younger brother Niles (Pierce), a fellow psychiatrist, frequently visits. Niles becomes infatuated with, and eventually falls in love with, Daphne, which he does not confess to her openly until the final episode of the seventh season.
Frasier hosts The Dr. Frasier Crane Show on talk radio station KACL. His producer Roz Doyle (Gilpin) is very different from Frasier in taste and temperament, but over time they become close friends. Frasier and the others often visit the local coffee shop Café Nervosa.
The Crane sons, who possess fine tastes, intellectual interests, and high opinions of themselves, frequently clash with their blue-collar, down-to-earth father. The brothers' close relationship is often turbulent, and their sibling rivalry intermittently results in chaos. Other recurring themes include the breakdown of Niles' marriage to the never-seen Maris, Frasier's search for love, Martin's new life after retirement, and the various attempts by the two brothers to gain acceptance into Seattle's cultural elite.

Ode to David Angell
by Gregg Metcalf

There are times when things don't make sense
the tragedy of 9/11 is one that comes to mind
 the very remembrance of it still makes me tense
on this disaster far better than me have opined

American Airlines Flight 11 carried eighty-seven souls
and was flying from Boston to LA International Airport
with trained and competent staff flying at the controls
it seemed to be just another routine flight of transport

The fate of that early morning flight is well known
 all on board were killed in a cowardly terrorist act
as into the North Tower of the WTC it was flown
by dastardly dispicable enemies bound by a pact

Many who know the infamous story of this flight
may not be aware of two passengers in particular
David and Lynn Angell who were filled with delight
never knowing anything could be more queerer

Mr. Angell was a major factor of my favorite show
creator, producer, and writer on Frasier was he,
 which won thirty-seven Emmys, a record you know
including five wins for an outstanding comedy

Mr. Angell joined the Army after Providence College
he served at the Pentagon until nineteen seventy two.
An asset was he to the USA with all that knowledge
but he left the Army selling insurance with LA in view

He sold a script for "Archie Bunker's Place" giving him glee,
 his big break came as a staff writer for "Cheers" the show.
In ninety eighty five he joined Peter Casey and David Lee
winning two Emmys for "Cheers" and was now well known.

If you watched Frasier you know of Niles love for Daphne
for almost 10 seasons he pined away with secret desire. 
Then came that glorious day he could marry her openly
Niles finnaly captured that love for which he long aspired

Somebody at NBC thought it as time for a child
naturally a baby boy was born to the happy pair
no doubts as to what the name would be styled
Yes, David he was named with very little fan-fare

Though no major fuss was made about his name
those who followed the show knew very well
it was to remember his "God-father" with fame
just a well placed nod to Mr. David Angell!


Anonymous said...

Great ode and a great programme.

Enjoy your week-end/


Anonymous said...

Love that show! Great post and Ode!

Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run

Anonymous said...

This is a fun topic for the A-Z challenge. What a lot of work that must have been to come up with the titles.

I looked around your blog. I learned a few things and was encouraged. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Frasier is one of my and my wife's favorite shows. She's been catching up on Netflix, and it's still hilarious.

I like your A to Z idea as a way to break up the stream of theology and spirituality posts.

Kansas Bob said...

The banter between Frasier and Niles was some of the best on TV.

Trisha F said...

I never really got into this show, so can't really talk about it. I like your A to Z theme though :)

Rosie Amber said...

Brilliant post! I've set up a link to your blog from my post today

Arlee Bird said...

I watched an episode of this past year. It's on every weeknight before Seinfeld on a local L.A. station. The episode I saw was pretty funny. Never watched a one when it was originally on.

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Mina Lobo said...

I adore Frasier, and was super happy to see Daphne and Niles together. :-)