Tuesday, April 16, 2013


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Newhart is an American television situation comedy starring comedian Bob Newhart and actress Mary Frann as an author and wife who owned and operated an inn located in a small, rural Vermont town that was home to many eccentric characters. The show aired on the CBS network from October 25, 1982 to May 21, 1990. TV GuideTV Land, and A&E named its series finale as one of the most memorable in television history.
Bob Newhart plays Dick Loudon, an author of do-it-yourself books. He and his wife Joanna move from New York City to a small, unnamed town in rural Vermont to operate the 200-year-old Stratford Inn. Dick is a sane, mild-mannered everyman surrounded by a community of oddballs in a town which exists in an illogical world run by rules that elude him.
Near the end of the second season, Newhart was re-tooled and Dick began hosting a low-rated talk show on the town's local television station. As the series progressed, episodes focused increasingly on Dick's TV career and the quirky townsfolk, to the point where it seems the Loudons hardly ever have any guests at their inn. As the years went by, some characters were dropped and others were added.

Here is the final 10 minutes of the series finale. This is not only silly funny, it was absolutely genius at work. The idea for the final scene was brilliant. Hope you like it. I think it is the best idea for a final scene I have ever seen.

Spoiler Alert:  The reason the brothers got such a reaction when they yelled was that all through the series, the two never had a line of dialogue. Only "Larry" spoke.

This has nothing to do with either the original show called "The Bob Newhart Show" or the show called "Newhart," but I think it first of all, is the epitome of Newhart's comedic talent, and second, I find it to be absolutely hilarious! It is well worth the six minutes!


Eddie Eddings said...

One of the greatest endings in television history!

Anonymous said...

Ah the unforgetable Bob Newhart, I loved watching him on TV.
The other video was indeed hilarious.
Thanks Gregg,

Steve Finnell said...

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Gregg Metcalf said...

For Steve - Thanks for dropping by, but I respectively and humbly decline to follow a blog that I believe to be teaching and advocating error, if not heresy.

Thank you anyways.