Thursday, April 11, 2013

Johnny Ringo

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Ex-gunfighter Johnny Ringo is now the sheriff of a small Western town, and attempts to keep the peace with the aid of his deputy, Cully, and his girl, Laura Thomas.

The Gunfighter Turned Lawman
by Gregg Metcalf

He stood six feet tall in run-down boots
his lanky frame draped in coal black suits
with nerves of steel and a heart black as sin
Johnny Ringo was on the prowl again

With a pearl-handled Colt 45 he roamed
by all who knew him he'd  been disowned
trouble seemed to find him where he rode
danger filled the seeds he sowed

No knew how many men he had killed
legends spoke of all the blood he spilled
no one could match his deadly draw
He was the fastest gun I ever saw

Then one day a stranger called his name
thinking he could end Ringo's run of fame
to this day no one knows quiet for sure
why the stranger went up against the lure

It was noon with an east wind a blowin'
 Ringo stepped out with no fear a showin'
a grin spread across the face of the man
who came to town with a deadly plan

The lighting speed of the stranger's draw
is still talked about today in awe
he cleared leather before Ringo had a chance
Johnny just stood there in a trance

The stranger fired but he missed his mark
 Ringo's gun was heard as it began to bark
the stranger fell dead in a pool of blood
face down in the street in a puddle of mud
Don Durant as JOHNNY RINGO

No one knows to this very day
what made Ringo ride away
no longer a gunfighter for hire
something had put out the fire

Ringo rode into Velardi one fine day
he liked what he saw and chose to stay
the town folk knew about his reputation
they wanted peace in the outlaw nation

Ex-gunfighter turned sheriff near the border
with his  LeMat he maintains law and order
200 a month and found he keeps em in check
most steer clear of him just out of respect

Now and then a bad hombre comes to town
hopin' he's the one to gun Ringo down
Ringo is glad to oblige their foolish whim
as he stares them down with a boyish grin

In seconds it's all over with one more kill
another fellow takes his place in Boot Hill
Johnny leathers his piece and whistles a tune
making his way to the Golden Wheel Saloon

Johnny Ringo once a deadly meance
became a lawman as a form of penance
hoping to make up for all the wrong he did
since the time he went astray as a kid

He don't know if he can tip the scale
and this idea of his just might fail
but he wants you and me to know
there's still some good in Johnny Ringo



Loved the song, though I don't recall the show. Excellently written.


Rhonda Parrish said...

I recognised that song but I'm pretty sure I've never watched an episode of the show. I don't have time to click over and watch one now, but I've bookmarked this post in case I find time in the near future LOL

~ Rhonda Parrish

M Pax said...

I'm not familiar with this show. I used to watch the Rifleman as a kid.

Arlee Bird said...

I've heard the name, but don't remember this as an actual show.

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