Monday, September 6, 2010

What Have You Determined?

“I am determined that if all my senses contradict God, I would rather deny every one of them than believe that God could lie.”

- Charles Spurgeon


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Thanks for sharing Gregg.

Have a good day.

Lloyd said...

Amen. We must trust God and have total faith in Him. Blessings. Lloyd


Amen! God is not like us...He cannot lie.

Brian Ray Todd said...

I've heard that God + one is a majority. I like that thought and truth. It makes me think of the fact that if I was the only man on Earth, God would still send His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to die for me, to pay for my sins and give me eternal life and citizenship in heaven. So what on earth do I have to live for, that I'd put in front of my Creator Father God? Nothing!

Kansas Bob said...

The scriptures do not lie but they are often misinterpreted. One does not have to check their brain at the door when they read the bible. The bible is meant to engage every part of us. I mainly get in trouble when I try to use it in a formulaic manner instead of praying through it.

Gregg said...

Yvonne - you are welcome. It has been a good day. Cooler and rainy, but no worries here, working in my study on a message for Sept 19th.

Lloyd - you are right. God will not, has not, and cannot lie. Why is so hard for me to trust Him in all thins at all times then?

OG - I am so thankful that God is not like me!!!

Brian Ray Todd - Thanks! There is nothing that we could possibly put up to contradict God.

KB - You are right on both accounts. God does not lie, neither does the Scriptures lie, but low and behold how they have been twisted, man-handled, and mangled.

arlee bird said...

Parts of the Bible can be quite challenging. If I dwell on the difficult parts they start making more sense and as the years go by the Bible becomes more and more clear to me.

Tossing It Out

RaD said...

Wow! That one can really get you thinkin' cant' it!

Transparent Tulip said...

may i also take this as my prayer.thanks for posting this.