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Reading Through Romans 16

Reading Through Romans 16

We have come to the end of this great epistle of Paul to the Roman believers in the City of Rome. I hope that you have been encouraged and refreshed by both the reading and the summarization of each chapter of this great letter. I recommend that you read this letter at least once a week, or at least once a month in one sitting. I also recommend you meditate through this great letter at least twice a year in your personal devotions.

Thank you for joining me in this great spiritual exercise. If you have any questions about Romans or any other questions, please email me at

So, what has been the highlights for you? What truth stood out this time through this letter? What application (s) will you make as a result of reading Romans through at this time? Please share your experience as you interacted with God’s living and Holy Word.

Chapter Sixteen

In verses one through sixteen Paul greets those whom he knows in this Roman church, particularly those who are involved in active ministry. Nothing in Scripture is extraneous; the Holy Spirit chose to includes these greetings for a reason. Can you think why the Holy Spirit included these greetings?

One reason is to show the love and respect that Paul had for other believers. Christianity is a family. God is our Father and each redeemed individual is either our brother or our sister. Paul loves his fellow believers and fellow workers in the harvest.

Second reason is to give support to his teaching and the gospel. The co-workers and friends of Paul who are preaching the same gospel as Paul lend credibility to what Paul wrote.  In other words Paul and those at Rome are on the same page which helps those who do not know Paul in accepting what he wrote.

It should be no surprise that Paul knows so many people here in Rome. Travel was frequent by many people. Claudius exiled Jews from Rome in AD 49 and many came back after his death. Paul himself traveled to many cities where he met people who then eventually traveled to Rome. We can speculate whether Paul knew each and every individual he greeted or he merely knew them by reputation.

In verses seventeen through twenty three Paul gives some last minute or final instructions and greetings. He warns against those who would create divisions and hinder the gospel message there at Rome. It behooves us to mind these warnings for today. We gives warnings and instructions about false teachers who would disrupt the ministry of Christ. Paul also includes greetings from those with him such as Timothy, Lucius, Jason, and Sosipater, Tertius, Gaius, Erastus, and Quartus.

(Verse twenty four is not in all manuscripts)

In verses twenty five through twenty seven we read Paul’s great “hymn of praise.” This section is also considered a doxology. “Doxa” meaning glory. Paul gives glory to God. This is Paul’s dedication to His God whom he serves. Some have called this the final summary of the gospel of righteousness. The gospel had been a secret, now it is revealed and preached openly. This epistle to the Romans could only end with glory being given to God as the theme of Christian living and the source of the joy in their hearts.



Gregg, thanks for a great study through Romans! What's next? :-)

Gregg said...

OG - You are welcome! What do you suggest?

JD Curtis said...

You bring up a great point Gregg. Far too often we might actually do a good deed or two. But if we just concentrate on that, then we can lose sight of the 20 things that we did wrong recently and fail to mature spiritually.

JD Curtis said...

This should have gone on the above thread. Ooooops!

JD Curtis said...

This should have gone on the above thread. Ooooops!