Monday, September 13, 2010

Reading Through Romans

Do you have time to read Romans through this week?

Monday – Romans 1-3

Tuesday – Romans 4-5

Wednesday – Romans 6-8

Thursday – Romans 9-11

Friday – Romans 12- 13

Saturday – Romans 14-15

Sunday – Romans 16


Seams Inspired said...

I'm up for the challenge. :o) I'm actually very interested to read the commentary for any who decide to read along. Romans is one of those highly controversial books of the Bible, isn't it? In my experience, there's a whole lot of verse-jacking going on when people try to use Romans to persuade others. That's not, in my opinion, a good thing.
Larri at Seams Inspired

Ma ~ said...

I'm going through Romans now on my blog, I'm in chapter 4, trying to do a few verses at a time until I get done....this may take years;)

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I have a fair bit of visiting to do this week and appointments, will try to read as much as I can.

Have a lovely day Gregg.


Kittykatt said...

I am also up for the challenge... a walk through Romans and you should never be the same again... it is said that Luther's comments on Romans later caused John Wesley's heart to be "strangely warmed" sparking another revival.

Gregg said...

Good, we will read each day and then come back and comment on what we read - the challenge of the passage, the change that you will make, and the character of the Holy Spirit within the passage.

If you have questions email me and I will discuss with you problems, challenges, and issues of this great epistle.

Seams Inspired - I am not exactly sure what you mean by "hi-jacked" but I will agree that many things have been taken out of context from this letter as well as all of the Scriptures. I am interested in the commentary also. Looking forward to this.

I will read 1-3 and comment tomorrow and we will see what you have to say! Excellent!

Seams Inspired said...

Hey Gregg...Verse-jacking is when someone takes a bible verse out of context and uses it to manipulate a situation, or make a point according to the verse-jacker's view instead of how the verse was actually intended to be interpreted.

That's why I feel we should all study and talk about the Bible. You cannot take someone's point of view (even your preacher's) as the absolute truth if you haven't taken the time to read the Bible for yourself.

Um, I'm kind of wordy in my explanation. It probably sounds better in my head than on paper. :o) Hope it makes sense. Looking forward to reading along with you and the others. Happy Monday! :o)

Larri at Seams Inspired

Brian Ray Todd said...

Yes i have time also. I love Romans adn the Lord.

Brian Ray Todd said...

Yes i have time also. I love Romans adn the Lord.


Yes I do! Thanks for asking :-)

RaD said...

Uh... Yeah, why? Are you gonna ask us some mind challenging questions? :)