Friday, September 3, 2010

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This question was asked recently :

"Perhaps Gregg I am a wee bit naive I was under the impression what ever faith one believed in we all praised the same God,but in different ways. I went to church at an early age with my mother and also to Sunday school on a Sunday afternoon, we were taught that there were many religions but only ONE GOD. I know nothing about the Mormon religion I do know they used to knock on our door but left when we told them what our beliefs were. Why are there all these different religions?"

I am so glad you asked this question. It may be philosophically, politically, humanely, and socially acceptable to say that "we all praise the same God in different ways" but it is not biblical. The bible is very clear on how one is given access to God, how one is to worship God, and how one is made righteous. That way (John 14:6) is Jesus Christ, who is exclusively the only way to God the Father. But we must understand who the Jesus of the bible is and not a Jesus of our own imagination or devising. The Mormons do not believe Jesus to be who he said he was nor do they believe Jesus accomplished the revealed will of the Father as recorded in the Bible. They have a completely different belief structure that opposes what God revealed in the Scriptures.

The reason we have so many different faiths, religions, churches, and denominations is due to the deceptive, crafty, and deceitful work of Satan as he attempts to draw people away from the truth into half truths or into "no truth" in order to worship an imaginary God which actually is no God. Satan, the bible says, parades about as an angel of light deceiving people. He doesn't care if we worship or if we are religious as long as we do not worship the God of the bible.

There are only two religions, not many. One, which is biblical and reveals justification before God by faith and nothing else, and the religion contained in hundreds of different flavors and names that seek to justify men before God by human works, exercises, efforts, or synergistically.

Sunday School may teach there is one God but many religions, but that doesn't make it true. Deception is deadly, deadly to the soul and leads men to hell. Satan is an artist and expert at deception.

Jesus Christ died according to an agreement or covenant that He made with the Father in eternity past in order to appease, propitiate or satisfy God the Father due to the sin of the human race. When one believes in the atoning work of Jesus on the cross by God given gift of faith, one is justified through the vehicle of faith. God forensically declares that person just. Justification is not infused, earned, or obtained by any self effort or cooperation with God.

So many religions exist to mask, hide, destroy, or alter this truth. One must recognize their sin against God, repent of that sin - which involves turning from sin and turning to Christ as the only means of salvation, forsaking any and all human effort and energy.

Satan would love to have people believe we are all going to the same place, just on different roads. This however is not true. The way to destruction is broad, the way to eternal life is narrow and there are (the bible says) few who find it.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Now where did I see that question before Gregg? I do understand what you are saying but in my life I have been to a wedding or funeral of a different religion than mine yet to all intent and purposes they seem exactly the same as my own faith,even to the hymns, prayers, and passion,
As for Satan do you honestly believe in Hell?
It's abit like life, life is what the individual makes of life one is responsible for the decsions one makes so only thave him/her self to blame if things goes wrong.
You only get out of life what you put in.

Have a good day Gregg.


Excellent Post!!

J. Vernon McGee once said, "There are only two kinds of people on this planet and they are, Saints and Ain'ts".

Your either saved "God's Way" or you ain't saved!

Gregg said...

Yvonne - there are nuances and similarities that make many "religions" seem the same or similiar. Hymns, prayers, rituals are not the issue. The issue is what does one do with Jesus Christ and how does one consider one justified before God. Those are the differences to be concerned with. Man, as a sinner cannot stand before God in his sinful state. God justifies and imputes Christ's righteousness to the one who places faith in the person and atoning work of Jesus Christ. One must repent and turn to God through Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit in order to be saved and granted heaven. Baptism, confirmation, catacheism, works, diets, rituals, ceremonies, circumcssion, self help, self effort, good works, will not justify a man. Keeping the law will not justify a man.

As far as hell, yes I do believe in hell. Why? Becasue Jesus did. Jesus preached on and warned against hell some 56 times in his ministry. He taught on heaven only some 28 times. Jesus spent more time on hell than he did heaven. Now, either Jesus is deluded, a lunatic, deceptive, or certified the existence of a hell that awaits those who do not repent and turn to Jesus Christ.

You have a wonderful philosophy that life is what you put into it, but it is not correct when it comes to eternal matters. This thinking will lead you away from God and salvation. Yvonne, I plead with you turn to Christ and forsake all humanistic and worldly philosophy. The bible in Collossians warns against be trapped and ultimately destroyed by humanistic philosophy.

OG - you and old J. Vernon are right. Praise God that through no efforts of mine God has made me a Saint in Christ Jesus by His shed blood.

Brad said...

"The reason we have so many different faiths, religions, churches, and denominations is due to the deceptive, crafty, and deceitful work of Satan as he attempts to draw people away from the truth into half truths or into "no truth" in order to worship an imaginary God which actually is no God. Satan, the bible says, parades about as an angel of light deceiving people."

Bingo! If our safe harbor comes by sailing a straight course for a 1000 miles, our enemy doesn't need to turn us around to destroy us, he just needs to knock us a few degrees off course.

Persis said...

Amen brother! Jesus is the only way to God regardless of how many false paths are out there.

Gregg said...

Brad - great illustration, just a couple of degrees off will miss the target completely. Thanks!

Persis - thanks, you are so right!

RaD said...

Nicely put!

And yes you can "steal" that joke and post it on yours, it was just off a forward I got on my e-mail so it's "free" :0)

And thanks for adding me to your blogroll, that's what I do when I'm checking out blogs for a while before I follow.