Friday, September 17, 2010

Reading Through Romans 9-11

Reading Through Romans 9-11

Thus far Paul has made it clear that God’s salvific promises have been fulfilled to the Gentiles. The church, although beginning as Jewish, in its majority is made up of Gentile believers. In this age, which is commonly called the church age, God is both working through and blessing the church. Read chapter eight to see the reality of this truth. The church has been given the gift of the Holy Spirit which had been promised to Israel. Believers are adopted as God’s children, believers are promised a glorious future. Many of the blessings and promises that were promised to Israel are being enjoyed now by the church as the nation of Israel must wait.

Paul interjects in chapters nine through eleven information pertaining to the question of whether the promises of God to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel) will be actually fulfilled or realized. This is a great question since it has bearing on the church. If God cannot or is unable to keep His promises to Israel, how can God then keep any of His promises made to the church? Paul uses this parenthetical portion to unequivocally demonstrate that God is not finished with Israel and that all promises which have been made to her will be fulfilled.

Today we read chapters twelve and thirteen. Happy reading!

Chapter Nine

In verses 1-29 Paul makes the case that all of God’s salvific and redemptive promises that have been made to Israel will be fulfilled. These promises are irrevocable since they are not based on Israel’s performance but based on the Word of God.

In verses 30-11:10 Paul explains that Israel rejected God’s redemptive promises. In this section we come face to face with some real theological issues. In this section we see the sovereignty of God as God sovereignly choosing Israel to be His chosen people. We also come face to face with the responsibility Israel had to believe the gospel and trust in the Messiah provided by God. Even though the majority of Israel refused to believe God’s promises will still be fulfilled completely.

Chapter Eleven

In verses 11-24 Paul explains God’s plan for both the Jews and the Gentiles. Paul shows how God’s amazing grace if demonstrated in the salvation of both the Jews and the Gentiles. Read carefully as Paul explains how the Gentiles are grafted into Israel and become a part of God’s chosen people. Israel’s hardening of their heart is not the end. They too will be saved.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

I am a wee bit behind with the reading due to my clummsiness in spraining my ankle and was under the influence of pain killers.
I will catch up.
Have a good week-end.

ps. thanks for the vist and kind comments much appreciated.

JD Curtis said...

Good, key points Gregg.


No questions today Brother Gregg

Isn't it reassuring that God will not only keep His promise to Israel but also to all He has chosen for salvation before the foundations of the earth were laid. I'm sure thankful that God always 100% of time keep His promises. Praise the Lord!!


Seams Inspired said...

I'm a day late. Sorry about that. Life sometimes gets in my way. I found these chapters easier to read as far as the words and the way they were written; however, it was also a huge history lesson! I kept having to turn back to Genesis, Exodus, and Isaiah to make sure I understood Paul's point. He did seem a little more laid back in these verses. Either that, or I'm getting used to his tone. :o) Here's what stood out to me...

9:8 I just like the way Paul worded this "the children of the promise," though I think the verse itself could easily be taken out of context.

9:20 This verse should knock the pride right out of you, shouldn't it? :o)

9:29 Just a sidenote...sometimes when I look out into today's world, I think He must have left some descendants of Sodom and Gomorrah.

10:2 On what is their zeal based?

10:4 I just like this verse. :o) What is the translation / derivation of 'righteousness' in this verse?

10:9 AMEN!

10:12-13 Again, AMEN!

11:11 Here's a particular verse that shows me I need to go back to the OT and do some further studying of the Word to fully understand Paul.

11:20-21 These verses remind me of the one in Corinthians about knowledge puffing you up.

11:25 What's the full number of Gentiles?

Looking forward to reading the next chapters. It will definitely be later today before I can read them. My early-risers are up and ready to meet the day head on. :o) Thanks for the great commentary. Happy Reading! :o)
Larri at SeamInspired

Gregg said...

S. I. 9:20 does humble us and knock the stuffing out of us!

10:2 - Their zeal is based on their blinded and veiled view of the fact that the are seeking to establish their own righteousness rather than the righteousness of Christ by campaigning for circumcision, sacrifices, their zeal is based on faulty knowledge.

10:4 - the end means the goal and termination. The law reached its goal in Christ and has been fulfilled in Christ and in us by Christ.

11:11 - Israel's failure to see Christ as their Messiah is not the final word. God planned the blindness of the Jews in order to open salvation to the Gentiles. The Jews would become jealous when they saw salvation and blessings bestowed on Gentiles whom the Jews thought were unredeemable by the time of Christ.

11:25 - this is the church age will exist and the Jews will be blinded and remain with the veil when the read Moses until all of the elect have been saved in this age. When the total number of Gentiles God has been chosen to be saved become saved, he will once again work with the nation of Israel.

NOTE: The next commentary will post on Tuesday, September 22, 2010. Thanks for reading along!

Yvonne - Hope you catch up and hope your ankle gets better quickly!

JD Curtis - thanks!

OG - Yes it is reassuring that God will keep His promises to all whom are to be the heirs of salvation. Praise God Brother!!!! Thank you.