Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ode to 9/11

Ode to 9/11
written 9/10
by Gregg Metcalf

Nine Elven is forever etched into our mind
The events that day will not fade with time
Never thinking for a moment of such danger
Looming overhead inside a wicked stranger

Plots and plans for months were hatching hate
Now had come together on that infamous date
Death and terror rained down from the skies
Now drawing eastward all of America’s eyes

A nation sleeping caught completely unaware
Drew together as one person in a single dare
Destroy the fiends of such dastardly deeds
As the memory of loved ones serve as seeds

To war and victory soon came the gallant call
Many raced into action hoping to see the fall
Of an enemy beyond the borders of our land
We sent out soldiers to this hot and searing sand

Ten years or so with 4,000 killed in this war
Brings us no closer to what we were fighting for
Terrorists still roam this globe breathing death
Yet there’s no time to stop and catch our breath

So now we leave Iraq to continue in Afghanistan
To fight the terror that remains to plague our land
The enemy is not one to quit or loose or to fold
since they have been fighting for centuries untold

We are not fighting to promote American liberty
we wage not a war in the name of democracy
when will America come to really understand
this war is all about that precious desert sand

To Isaac and not Ismael was all this geography
Given by promise from the God of all eternity
Cast out the bondwoman who is Mt Sinai, alas
Give this ground to Abraham’s sons to possess

This war is religious and will never come to an end
Until the King of Kings comes to reign as friend
Who will defeat the enemies of His chosen people
Who then will come to Him in faith ever so feeble 

Today we will remember nine-elven 2001
For what took place can never be undone
We dare not forget those cowardly atrocities
Who robbed loved ones from so many families

The hearts of many will be with all those who lost
And without any choice paid such a heavy cost
We will mark this day across our dear land
And thank those who yet fight in that desert sand

As I close I would like to say to those yet in pain
I am sorry for your loss and that 9/11 ever came
stealing from you the ones you loved so very dear
May God reveal His amazing grace, it’s always near


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Thanks for an ode written form the heart.



Sometimes I wonder if 9/11 and so called natural disasters are wake up calls from God.

In the O.T. God often dropped His protective hedge and allowed Israel to be chastised by an evil foreign country in order that they would repent and return to Him.

2 Chronicles 7:14 (New King James Version)

14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.


That's really beautiful!! Amen to that! God bless those families and God bless you!!

arlee bird said...

This is a well written poem that speaks plainly of the truths that our government and most of U.S. citizens, including many of those who call themselves Christians, avert their eyes to. Until we face the facts that lofty ideals of this world are just futile talk and there are much greater spiritual issues at work, we cannot understand what is really going on here.

As with the history that you have pointed out, it's there in the Bible for all to read. Despite claims of "bringing democracy", "Islam is a religion of peace", and all of the other commmonly cited cliches, the conflict will not end as a result of America's efforts. Despite what anyone tries to claim, it IS a holy war--a war that began 1400 years ago and has never ended since that time. Most people either don't know their history or choose to ignore it.

This was a great provocative piece of poetry that more people should read and then ponder.

Tossing It Out

RaD said...

Well said... I pray that in rememberance some will turn to the one they turned to in those frightening days.

Darnie said...

Great Post Gregg! You are a gifted writer.

Judith Riddle said...

Bravo! Wonderful poem to express what happened on 9/11 nine years. You captured it very creatively and comprehensively. Loved it!

Judith Riddle said...

Bravo! Wonderful poem to express what happened on 9/11 nine years. You captured it very creatively and comprehensively. Loved it!

Persis said...

Well said, Gregg. I pray that God would draw many to Himself in these precarious days.

Brian Ray Todd said...

Like O.G., I too, thought to myself as I watched the attack and those twin towers fall, that this was a "wake up" call to America from God. That, as a nation, we have not trusted, honored, believed and followed the Word of God. Is the Devine hedge of protection lifted? I pray no! Have we, as a nation, forgot? I pray not! Great poem, but a little hard to read with the blue letters on the blue background, but loved it. Thank you for remembering.