Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Prescription: Prayer & Perseverance

Who among you is currently experiencing a trial, hardship, persecution, or suffering? It is obvious that Christ Jesus has “delayed” His public return. During this period of waiting the elect are subjected to any number of injustices, hardships, and suffering.

What is the solution? What are the elect to do? The answer is given by Christ himself in Luke 18:1. Christ instructs His disciples; “…they ought always to pray and not lose heart.” When you are on the receiving end of an injustice or hardship for the sole reason of being a child of God, the prescription is communicate with God and do not be wearied or worn out by it.

As I await relief through and by the blessings of God I am to pray. The first question that comes to my mind is why? I can think of three reasons:

• Prayer is commanded by God. Truth be told, this should be enough.

• Prayer demonstrates my utter dependence upon God. I am not sufficient for the task.

• Prayer demonstrates my absolute confidence in the wisdom and motivation of God.

In times of hardship, trials, and suffering the question often comes down to: do I have confidence in God? This is a yes or no question. There is no room to say yes, but. But what? Is God the fountain of all wisdom? Is God the fountain of all good? Absolutely!

Therefore, I am to communicate constantly my fears, feelings, and facts about my suffering or injustice. It is amazing what almost always occurs when I do this. First, in almost every case God does not immediately or instantly remove the trial, hardship, or the cause of my suffering. Secondly, it is during this time of persistent prayer that God renews or strengthens my faith and trust in Him.

God responds to the prayers of His children, especially the prayers for justice or vindication. As I learn and struggle with the fact God doesn’t always provide the answer I want, when I want it. So, God tells me to not grow weary; to not faint or become exhausted as I wait for relief. As a matter of fact, I am to continually pray for the righteous ways of God to be revealed in order for His glorious character to be displayed in the midst of my trial, suffering, injustice, or circumstance.

God’s plan for my suffering many times includes delay. Delay today when I am would desire immediate relief. Delay tomorrow as I await His glorious return and the ultimate means of relief. What are we to do? We are to always pray and prevent growing weary.

I am feeling renewed and better already! What say ye?


WhiteStone said...

It is good to pray continually for suffering will come in one way or another and it will not pass over any. It just occurs in different variants, different times, different reasons. Pray continually.

Pilgrim Mommy said...

I was beginning to feel weary today. Thanks for this encouragement to pray.