Thursday, January 7, 2010

Devotional Prayers for Gospel Driven Disciples

This morning I thought I would share some prayer topics that can be prayed as part of a daily devotion. Since this blog is dedicated to the maturing of God’s people I want each and every reader to grow in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Talking with a good number of people it seems that two things happen during our personal prayer time; the first thing that can happen is that we honestly don’t know what to pray for. The second thing that can happen is that we have a tendency to pray for the physical or material needs in our lives. Some believers have told me that their prayer time consists almost wholly of physical needs to the exclusion of spiritual needs.

I have made it a practice to keep a “prayer-journal.” When I read books, whether that book be Holiness by Grace or A Body of Divinity, as I come across biblical principles that draw me closer to God or aid in my spiritual development I write them in my journal and then pray them during my devotions. Allow me to share a dozen with you this morning. You may already be praying most of them, however if you add just one to your prayer time then this blog will have been worthwhile.

Father, I pray that you would…

1. …cause me to love you, your word, and your ways in an even greater way

2. …cause me to live and move in light of your ways rather than my ways

3. …cause me to serve you with all of my heart and not any less

4. …give me a whole-hearted passion for holiness and for God’s good pleasure

5. … conform my life to the will of God

6. …give me so much life that vanity would have no power or hold on me

7. …allow me to perceive the beauty of God’s character in such a manner that I would desire it to be reproduced in my life

8. …teach me to truly fear God

9. …teach me to truly obey God

10. …teach me to truly delight in God

11. …teach me to reflect God’s character as a light for others to see in hopes that they too would desire you

12. …enlarge my heart for God

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