Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Equipping Others...A Novel Idea!

"Pastors should be free for theological reflection"

Munich, November 26 (idea) A leading management consultant advises clergy to concentrate on their commission to preach and counsel. Ministers should be relieved of management activities, says Peter F. Barrenstein, German director of McKinsey & Company. He recommends that local churches hire an executive to take care of managerial and administrative tasks. Pastors should be free for theological reflection and evangelism.

What a novel idea. Why does it take a leading management consultant to advise pastors to do what they are suppose to do? The challenge is that in many cases, pastors are not doing what they are to do.

Paul makes it clear in Ephesians that God gave pastors and teachers to equip the members of the flock to do the work of the ministry. When such equipping takes place then pastors are freed up to study the Word of God and to pray. Such study and prayer leads to both power in their preaching and rich content for the members of the flock.

Churches have to be taught that pastors are not hirelings hired to do everything they first, think that they should do, and second, all the things that they as the flock don’t want to do. Pastors are to equip and train individuals in order for them to utilize their God given gifts.

Instead of an executive being hired to handle administrative and managerial duties, how about this idea? Why not disciple, train, and equip men in the church who also desire to shepherd the flock. What could a multiplicity of Godly men do? Why not train men who do not desire to shepherd, but who obviously have the gift of serving and wish to be deacons? Why don’t we free pastors from everyday service, counsel, visitation, and etc., by allowing Godly men and women to serve in the functions God seemingly has designed?

Not a rocket scientist here, just someone who wonders what the average evangelical church is thinking. It is a shame that the churches in Germany need a consultant to help them relieve overburdened pastors of tasks never designed to be done by pastors. It is clearly spelled out in God's Word. He thinks of everything, doesn't He?

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