Monday, January 11, 2010

Metcalf’s Musings

Today is Monday. The alarm went off at 4:30 AM but it was so cold I just didn’t want to get up. I grabbed my favorite comforter, big, thick, and warm and set up camp on the couch and put on my all time favorite TV series, Frasier. It took awhile but I collected the whole 11 seasons and when I need to just decompress and mark time I watch a couple of episodes.

The coffee was magnificent! Butter Rum! The rain pelting against the living room window and the roof sounds like tiny marbles falling on the floor. However, with a warm comforter, the sound of rain, butter rum coffee and my favorite episode from season six, “How to Bury a Millionaire” it was a splendid morning.

Breakfast was next, 8 oz of OJ, two strips of thick cut peppered bacon, two links of country sausage, and two over easy eggs – that is “heaven on a table.” No, I didn’t wake the sleeping wife; I can cook a mean breakfast. Come over some time for either, omelets, over easy, sunny side up, or scrambled with secret spices.

January 3 my second oldest grand-child and oldest grandson turned 13. That is the second teen-age grandchild I now have. As “traumatic” as it is for me, better my two daughters than me! I love them to death but where did the energy go?

Tomorrow our youngest grandchild turns 9. He is in Illinois buried under “tons” of snow having a blast so we won’t get to have cake and ice cream with him. He certainly is in our thoughts and prayers. No wonder April was so quiet.

I continue to teach the gospel of John to our adult Sunday school class called the Sojourners. Yesterday’s passage was John 1:24-29. We were talking about The Testimony of John the Baptist – The Words of John first, to the Commission sent to him by the Sanhedrin and then secondly, to the Crowd who came to hear him preach. Yesterday’s lesson centered on the reasons for His Words to the Crowd – they were The Arrival of Jesus and The Announcement of John. John announced Jesus as the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of both the Jews and the Gentiles. (Emphasis mine)

No word yet on a ministry. Last time in our Musings, I shared with you in the Musings that we were being considered for a church on the Kitsap Peninsula. Their view on leadership and the bible's were different and they considered that a deal breaker, so we didn't get the church.

 In case you aren’t familiar with the Kitsap Peninsula think of this way, God began creation in the Northwest, but particularly with the Peninsula and then he worked out from there. Come up some time and see His best work!

No word of a job yet either. I do appreciate your prayers. Yesterday, even after worshipping with God’s people our marvelous God, I found myself by late afternoon falling into a fear that I was afraid I might not get out of. My head tells my heart God is sovereign, in control, knows my every need, but sometimes the heart still fears.

Well, as the rain still beats against the house, the wind blows, and the butter rum coffee needs to be replenished, I need to bring this issue of the Metcalf Musings to a close and prepare to have a meaningful devotion with my God. I need his forgiveness, encouragement, and grace today!

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Eddie Eddings said...

Thanks for sharing. I love "Musings" and "Ramblings" on blogs because it draws the blog curtain back and we get a glipse of the real person. I, too, haven't landed a permanent job yet. I have just sent a resume to a local American military base in hopes of employment. (It's a long shot since my resume is 95% art related -- but God can make long shots as easy as the short ones.) I will be praying for you brother on your situation...and I am still trying to work Frazier in on some future entry at Calvinistic Cartoons!