Wednesday, April 8, 2015

G is for Girdle Song

Girdle Song

On the day I became a priest
I encountered a small hurdle
Even though it really is a sash
All my friends call it a girdle

I only  wear it for ceremonies
It’s not an endangered turtle
The high priest wears one and
No one calls his a girdle

It is made of fine linen cloth
It is gold, blue, scarlet and purple
other dignitaries have them too
and yet they call mine a girdle 

Elijah wore one made of leather
For imaginations that were fertile
I doubt anyone laughed at his
Why do you call mine a girdle?

Jeremiah was forbidden to use one
That would make milk want to curdle
and His was even a symbol of Judah
Do you really  think his was a girdle?

Agabus bound Paul with his own belt
So that Paul could not move nor hurtle
and even though it was a mere symbol
You didn't hear his belt called a girdle

Waistband, belt, or very pretty sash
If you want you can even call it myrtle
But please  let me serve with  dignity
Please, don’t call my belt a girdle


Arlee Bird said...

As a kid I was amused by the reference to a girdle in the Bible. Back then women used to wear girdles, but I'm not sure they even have girdles for women anymore. Or maybe they call them something else now.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Wrote By Rote

Melanie Macek said...

Cute poem.

Melanie #888 A2Z

nashvillecats2 said...

You know Gregg you really are an excellent poet, this was great.


Stephen Tremp said...

Ha! Loved this one. Put a smile on my early morning face.