Monday, April 6, 2015

E is for Eshtaol, I Left My Heart In Eshtaol

Eshtaol, I Left My Heart In Eshtaol*
(Judges 16:31)

The beauty of Zorah seems to have faded
The glory of Dan has now become jaded
I’ve been all alone by myself in Beit Shemesh
I’m going to go home to my city unaided

I left my heart in Eshtaol
High on the Judean hills, it begs me
To be where little donkeys bray to the moon
The air may be damp but I will go home soon

My love is buried there in Eshtaol
After I cut off all of his hair
I am coming to you my dear Eshtaol
Even though his grave is there

I left my heart in Eshtaol
Along with some scissors I stashed there
To be where the stars dance upon the desert bare
I left my heart in Eshtaol

*Parody of I Left My Heart In San Francisco by Douglas Cross and George Cory. Sorry guys! I just had to do it! Samson was buried there.


nashvillecats2 said...

Clever you Gregg, it was aewsome to read.


Persis said...

Good one, Gregg!

Stephen Tremp said...

Hey Gregg, just stopping by for A to Z to say hello!