Friday, April 3, 2015

C is for Cain

Genesis 4:1-15

One evening after the sun had gone west
Adam and Eve thought about turning in
The day had been long, not one of his best
Maybe a shower would be right for him

Eve came up with an idea that might work
Not a thing about this Adam wouldn’t like
She would rub all of his muscles that hurt
Maybe an interest in her she might spike

With the lights down low and a log on the fire
Glass of champagne and a few soft satin sheets
Thoughts of delight these things should inspire
She would feed Adam with his favorite treats

Her plan worked well and truly did the trick
A night of romance filled with physical delight
Their passion for each other rattled the bricks
They made sweet love all through the night

Lo and behold a few weeks had gone by
Eve began to feel sick and added a pound
She went to the doctor to find out why
Since so many changes seemed to abound

It didn’t take the doctor long to discover
What all the new things seem to point to
Gently he told her, Eve you will be a mother
Yes a little baby is coming to visit you 

She went home to tell Adam this latest news
She wondered what he would say to all of that
Adam was happy and began to watch her cues
He believed he was now ready to step up at bat

Time came and Eve delivered a baby boy
Cain they called him, a man from God
He brought to all around him great joy
He was a man of the earth a man of the sod 

Once again the pitter-pitter patter of little feet
Came knocking at the door of their small home
And soon they would have the chance to greet
Another bundle of joy living under their dome

His folks named him Abel and he kept sheep
Cain worked the ground and raised their food
This little family seemed to love very deep
Blessings abounded and it all seemed so good

In the process of time Cain worshipped with fruit
Taken from the ground where he labored hard
Abel gave a sheep from the flock and the shute
With the fat of the animal before it was lard

The Lord had great respect of Abel and his gift
But Cain he despised and had in him no pleasure
This very thing seemed to create such a great rift
Cain was very proud of his newly offered treasure

God said to Cain, “Why are you so sad today?”
“If you were to obey each part of my direction
I would be pleased to hear what you had to say
And I would accept your treasured selection

Cain did not heed the word of the Lord
He grew angry and hated his brother
In the field he took hold of his sword
And killed Abel bereaving his mother

The Lord said to Cain, “Where is your brother?”
Cain’s reply was calloused and very cold
“Am I my brother’s keeper? Or of any other?”
He was brash with the Lord and foolishly bold

Now a worn granite stone is all that remains
Of poor Abel, Adam and Eve’s second son
Cain has been cursed a vagabond in the rains
He became a fugitive for what he had done

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nashvillecats2 said...

Yet another excellent post and poem Gregg, I do hope you have a happy Easter, Take care.