Tuesday, April 7, 2015

F is for Footstool

A Poem of Gregg
Based on a Poem of David
Psalms 110


One day there came to me a word
It was from the LORD to the Lord
Clearly he said, “Sit at my right hand”
I will crush your enemies, to the man

The LORD will send his power from Zion
He will appear to all them as a hungry lion
Your enemies he will make your footstool
Over them and in their midst He will rule

Your people he makes to be volunteers
By His power they will forsake their fears
God has sworn and will not be undone
You are of Melchizedek greater than the sun

The Lord is always at your right hand
Even when he executes judgment on man
He will judge the nations and on that day
His wrath will fall, no one will run away


nashvillecats2 said...

Well done Gregg on a wonderful post.
Enjoyed the read.

Scott said...

After the last bit of "parody", I thought maybe you were going to break out into "Footloose" with this one! :)
Enjoying the ride so far....