Thursday, October 17, 2013

Preaching Plan - Part 4

Well, I hope this little series has been both interesting and beneficial. I wished that I could have attended the last session on Sermon Planning. Seeing the emphasis and the presentation gave me great joy.

The next series that I want to exposit to the greatest number of people on Sunday morning is called 

The Soli Deo Gloria Series

I am most excited about this series! My passion is to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the glory of God and the good of all people. I want to excite in God's people the desire to delight in God and to desire to make much of God. This series is dedicated to the absolute sovereignty and glory of God.

It begins with an introduction to the glory of God. Most believers never given any consideration to this aspect of God. Then  want to help people see just how important God's glory is to Him with a message called "The Self-Centeredness of God." I want to follow this with approximately five messages on the various aspects of God's sovereignty. Then three messages on how God's grace is disbursed through His sovereignty. Then naturally we need to exegete and exposit the Doctrines of Grace. Every member needs to fully understand the foundational or seminal truths of their salvation.

The next series is the piece de resistance! This is a 50 + message series called:

The Master's Plan for His Assembly

This series contains seven sub-sections. It contains all that I want our people to know about the church and what the church is and what the church is to be while on this earth. I want to teach:

The Anatomy of the Church
The Thesssalonian Model
The Discipline of the Church
Restoring Broken Brothers
The Importance of the Church
Why the Church Needs to Teach Doctrine
The Hope of the Church

I also want to teach the church how to suffer. For the most parts we as believes are wimps. We really do not appreciation trials or tribulation. We seem to want God to be a gentle, gray-haired old gentleman that is indulgent. We want to live in the sweet by and by in the here and now, but the reality is we live in the nasty now and now while we are here and now.

Suffering Saints

This series would include and exposition of 1 Peter, Job, and Habakkuk. I need to develop this in time to come.  However it is important that we learn to maintain faithfulness and joy in the suffering that comes to us in this life.

Well, now you know my preaching plan. I want, as the Lord wills and directed by the Holy Spirit to teach these foundational truths to God's saints on Sunday morning. 

I want to teach Romans, Luke, Acts, and the Epistles on Thursday or Friday nights during the months of September through June.

In addition, one thing I haven't mentioned in regards to corporate life, although it is embedded in these various series, prayer. We of course will have a corporate prayer meeting.



You are a good and dedicated man who knows what he is writing about. I look forward to whatever comes from your blog.
Have a good day Gregg.

Susan said...

Gregg I love that you talk about the whimpiness of the Church. That is so true.

Once I heard a pastor (a long time ago, I forget who it was) talk about the Holy Spirit as our "Comforter", and although he didn't negate the fact that the Lord does indeed comfort us, the pastor said he felt that many interpret this as God being a thick warm blanket that smothers us with His love. He said instead that the original word meant something closer to "Strengthener" as in giving us a backbone. That (obviously) has always remained in my thoughts about our Holy Spirit and the kind of "comfort" He provides. :)

Susan said...

Looked up Strong's definition...amongst given suggestions for English word equivalents: Advocate.

Then looked up advocate:

I like the comparison of giving recommendations vs. giving advice.

We have a Heavenly Advisor :)