Friday, October 4, 2013

Goals: Evaluation & Projections Part 2

Yesterday we pointed out that on the 1st of October the last quarter of 2013 began. We also pointed out that 2013 is almost gone. It is soon to be history. 

Rather than ask, "Where did this year go?" I think it is more appropriate for a believer to ask, "What did I do with this year?" Maybe an even more appropriate question might be, "What did God do through me this year?"

I  cannot encourage, exhort, or emphasize any point more strongly than to evaluate the goals that you set for 2013. Please see yesterday's post and use the seven (7) questions that I listed. Use October to prayerfully seek the mind of God through the Holy Spirit to evaluate your goals.


I encourage you to use the month of November (if necessary part of December) and ask God through His Holy Spirit to enable you to establish or set goals for the coming year of 2014.

First - let me caution you about being to majestic or enthusiastic in choosing or setting goals. In other words, do not set goals that are too lofty or impossible to reach or achieve. You will become disappointed, discouraged, and dismayed which will lead to the forsaking of your goals.

Second - let me caution you about making them to broad or general. Be specific. Prayerfully examine all areas of your life both spiritually and temporally and prayerfully set achievable goals in each area.


I have found that establishing five (5) categories helps me in setting goals that are both specific and achievable. I try not to be "all over the board" when setting these goals. It is possible that these categories will work for you and maybe not. I use:

  • Spiritual Goals
  • Physical Goals
  • Material Goals
  • Financial Goals
  • Vocational Goals

You might discover that some of your goals may spill over into one or more of your categories. Personally, when I find that has happened I try to pick the category it "fits" the most in and place it there.

Write them out

Make sure that you write out these goals. You need to have daily access to them. I recommend you keep your list of goals with your devotional material or tools. If you do, you are able to keep them fresh before you and you can pray over and through them regularly. It certainly helps in the evaluation process when they are fresh and available.

I started writing my goals in my what I call my devotional "Prayer Book." It really isn't a prayer book it is a Mead - Five Star, 6 1/2 by 9 1/2 spiral notebook. I then took to putting them on 5 x 8 cards. However, now that I have Office 365 I use the program One Note 2013 (which I love and now use for everything.)

Strategic Goal Setting

I won't take much time nor go into much detail with this heading. Most of you have read, had classes, or seen various posts which have talked about how to set goals. Let me make a few pertinent and germane comments.

First - write out the goal in a complete sentence, i.e., Spiritual - I want to maintain a daily devotion each day in 2014.

Second - write out the steps that are needed to achieve this goal, i. e. 1.  I will set the alarm and get up at 5:00 AM. 2. I will go to my private place (kitchen table, office, study, spare bed-room, etc,); 3.  I will pray, read my bible, and sing a song for 30, 45, 60 minutes each day.

Third - develop a system to monitor each step in order to make sure that the goal is achievable and secondly that the steps are manageable. Also as you monitor some goals you will find that you will achieve them prior to the year end and you will have to establish new goals. Always keep stretching.

Fourth - don't beat yourself up if you fail or don't achieve a goal. Just keep going. Lord willing each new day is a new day to continue working toward completion.

I have begun October by printing out my goals for 2013. I am prayerfully, carefully, and honestly evaluating each one. Come November I will then begin praying about the goals I want to establish for each category. 


Use December to reevaluate each goal that you established. Make sure it is realistic, achievable, and appropriate. Evaluate each and every step for each and every goal. Make sure the steps are viable and conducive to achieving your goals. 

Make a final list. Place it handily. Commit your list to God. Then, use the remaining portion of December to pray for God's leading, empowering, blessing, and enabling so that you can achieve as many God-given goals in 2014.

 Why is this process necessary? Why do I spend so much time on it in my own life and here in this blog?

I have found this to be true: If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time!


Susan said...

Hi Gregg,

Thanks for the encouraging blog entries and for the disciplined approach you outline here.

Because of your recent articles, I began a few days ago to read the entire Bible. I have read most of it up to now, but not all.

I have a Bible on my phone (thanks to hubby) which I read, but haven't been systematic about it. This week I've begun reading it by beginning with the NT. My plan is to read the NT, then the OT, and then repeat with the NT.

Last night while reading Matthew ch 24 (which I've read MANY times before) I thought it would be a good exercise to read it in my childhood language (Dutch). It was incredible for getting a fresh perspective on a passage I've read over and over so many times before.

God's word is powerful, and alive, and fresh every day. We become dull and unresponsive because of our shortcomings (tired, distracted, bored, etc). Having His Spirit teach us is wonderful.

Gregg Metcalf said...

Susan - You are very welcome. I am glad you have chosen to read the Bible through and through. Try not to make it a chore.

What a wonderful thing the Scripture is!

Cathy said...

I am going to be doing this for 2014! Thanks for the step by step instructions!