Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Bird's Eye View of 1 John

Christian Living in a World of Chaos
A series on the true faith & life of a Christian

A Bird’s Eye View of 1 John
Selected Scripture

1A  The Invitation to Study this letter

        1B  This letter is loved by the church
        2B  This letter is filled with profound truths
        3B  This letter is reflective & practical
        4B  This letter reassures & develops believers
        5B  This letter begs to be studied
        6B  This letter contains fundamental truths
        7B  This letter is a love letter from a Pastor

2A  The Information Stored in this letter

       1B  A crisis had arisen
       2B  False teachers troubled the churches
       3B  These teachers still troubled the churches
       4B  These teachers challenged the character of Christ
3A  The Implications Shared by this letter

       1B  No reference to persecution in this letter
       2B  Marked absence of references to comfort
       3B  Real danger is attitude/actions of the saints
        4B  Prevention against deception by false teachers

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Anonymous said...

A great birds eye view Gregg.