Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wishin' I was a Fishin'

I wish this statement to be true
but I wouldn't be honest with you,
as much as I want to be fishin'
tis true I really am only wishin'

Even with posts ready through May
I forgot I needed one for today
although a good idea to go a fishin'
saying something now is my mission

For three years I've posted every day
I am pleased to have had my say
finding something to say is much like fishin'
they both can be like those cousins kissin'

I have tried my best to be wise and witty
thanks to you all who have extended pity
maybe you think I should now be fishin'
I can hear all your groans and quiet hissin'

Is it worth it not to miss a date?
how many would say it's my fate?
keep in mind its to cold to be fishin'
so please would you refrain from bashin'?

Please read this little ditty with pleasure
after all one man's trash is another's treasure
and you might be happy I'm not fishin'
Yes, I know I should be blushin'

In my defense some poems are worse
 this pathetic ditty won't fatten my purse
the time it took did keep me from fishin'
but I think I will just stick to preachin'

1 comment:

Ian said...

Two posts tomorrow won't make up for one missed? Like the poem, though!