Monday, October 8, 2012

Who Said...? #1

Let's test your knowledge of quotes by godly men. This pastor is no longer living. He was not an American pastor. He was a godly man with a very fruitful and long ministry. Here is a little set up:

Clearly in Baxter and the Puritans __________________ found an echo of something which he already knew in his own spirit. His own deepening sense of sin was a key to the interpretation of their [the Puritans] 'soberness and restraint.' In a letter to a friend in 1926, after speaking of the love he received from his mother and from ___________, he contrasted what 'they think of me' with the reality:

OK, enough clues! (Well, almost enough clues - there is one clue in the quote itself) 

Who said...

"They see only that which is good in me, they see me only at my best. I shudder when I realise how unworthy I am and how ignorant they are of the dark and hidden recesses of my soul where all that is  devilish and hideous supreme, at times breaking through on to the surface and causing a turmoil that God and I alone know of.'"


Scott said...

Martyn Lloyd-Jones? I think I saw that quote somewhere before.

Persis said...

Lloyd-Jones was my guess too.

Gregg Metcalf said...

Well I am a bit disappointed that more didn't take a guess. But I thought it would be difficult. You guys did a good job and both of you are right. It was M. L-J. Thanks for playing!!! :)