Thursday, November 11, 2010

Theological Definition: Anthropomorphism

Anthropomorphism: A term not found in the Bible - it is derived from the Greek words, anthropos (man) and morphe (form). 

This word represents a figure of speech that describes God as having human form (Exodus 15:3; Numbers 12:8; such as feet, (Genesis 3:8; Exodus 24:10) hands (Exodus 24:11; Joshua 4:24), mouth, (Isaiah 40:5) and heart (Hosea 11:8.) 

It can also refer to a wider sense which includes attributing human attributes and emotions to God (Genesis 2:2; 6:6; Exodus 20:5; Hosea 1:8.) 1. 

1.  Walter A. Elwell, Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House Company, 1884, 2001) p. 67

30 Days of Thanksgiving

As J. C. Ryle once admonished his "preacher boys," I am thankful for the time and place in which I was born. God sovereignly determined that I would be born in 1955 and in Salem, Ohio, USA. I could have been born during the time of the great plague (1665-1666) which killed 20% of London's population, 100,000. God sovereignly placed me where and when it pleased Him, and then with indescribable grace drew me to Himself granting me repentance and faith.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Something new I have learnt today, I have never heard of that word.

Have a good day, it wet windy and cold here.


Lloyd said...

Amen brother. Isn't it just amazing how God has planned everything in our life to coincide with His will as long as we come to Him through His Son. Blessings, Lloyd

Anonymous said...

Great quote from Ryle. I'm thankful for God's sovereign work in my life to put me in the right places and times so that I might know him!

Kansas Bob said...

I am amazed at the ways that God tries to communicate with us. He stoops down in ways so that we can understand things that are beyond our ability to understand.