Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Discipleship: The Key to Reaching the World

“…go therefore and make disciples of all nations...” (Matthew 28:19, ESV)

Jesus returned to heaven and the angels asked him, “How did it go?” Jesus replied, “I found twelve (12) men and gave them the job of reaching the entire world.” The angels in amazement asked Jesus, “What if they fail? What if they don’t fulfill your plan? What is the backup plan?” Jesus again replied, “There is no backup plan.”

The conversation may never have happened but you get the point don’t you? We know what happened; the apostles and disciples left Jerusalem and went into the known world and made disciples.

Jesus did come to this earth in order to die on the cross of Calvary. During his short ministry as He made His way to Jerusalem and the cross, Jesus made a few disciples. Jesus now serves as the pattern for all those who have been born again by the Holy Spirit. We are to make disciples just as Jesus did. Each believer is gifted differently which results in a variety of ways and means that disciples are made. Those who have trusted Christ for eternal redemption are responsible to make disciples within individual life-style.

When my girls were tiny infants I use to love to feed them. The pleasure wasn’t really found in preparing the bottle but in the ability to hold them close and feed them their bottle. They didn’t know the difference between Similac and Enfamil but they knew what to do when their little mouths found the nipple. They drank their formula like there wouldn’t be any more available. Then they learned to eat “people food.”

Eventually, and thanks be to God all four of those little baby girls grew up. They all began homes of their own and three of the four had little ones of their own. With proper care and by God’s grace little babies grow up into adults who are able to reproduce themselves in little ones of their own.

Every believer in Christ Jesus begins desiring the “milk of the word.” In order to grow and mature they must have opportunity of being nurtured and developed. Each believer is expected to reach or achieve their potential designed by God. Most believers want to develop and mature. They sometimes need help. Every believer needs someone to help them study the Word, to teach them how to pray, to teach them how to develop intimate fellowship with God, and to teach them how to share their faith.

Those of us who have had and raised children know how much trouble, sacrifice, and pain is involved. Unfortunately it is no different with a new born convert in Christ. Rather than being “dumped” in a Sunday school class, Sunday morning auditorium, or even “Discipleship Class,” a new convert needs someone (preferably the responsible party for the birth) to care enough to suffer, sacrifice, and pray for them.

You and I are responsible to make disciples.
30 Days of Thanksgiving

I am thankful for the Word of God. Even though God has revealed Himself in creation and in our conscience, it is in God’s word through special revelation; God reveals his character and nature to us. Because He chose to reveal Himself we can know Him. Thank you Lord!


Audrey said...

Thank you for reminding us that true discipleship is very often close up and personal, as Jesus did with His disciples. It is not always in reaching the masses so that one can be considered a spiritual "super star".

Greg Smith said...

That level of one-on-one, mentor/disciple daily work is the true building block of the Lord's work. God grant us each a Timothy, and also the vision and wisdom to make him a personal ministry priority...

Design It Chic said...

Great post! I just found you on Welcome Wednesday blog hop and headed over here! I am now following your blog and will be checking back. I'd love if you'd pay a visit and maybe follow too:) Oh and a great book for pursuing the passion of making disciples: The Barbarian Way by Erwin McManus! Totally recommend it!
Have a great day and stay blessed!

Let'sMakeADifference said...

Am a new follower from a blog hop! Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!

Cathy M. said...

Interesting post, pastor. I'll have to ruminate on this one a bit.

Anonymous said...

You got me all nostalgic with all that baby talk. I miss my babies - but now I have grandbabies! That's even better in a way. Have fun with em and send em home when I'm tired.
We can do that with dicisples too can't we once they've matured in the Word? :)

So important isn't it? The concept gets lost on the modern church sometimes though with all our fancy dancy programs.

I love our small groups - it serves that purpose well and builds personal relationships.

Thank you for sharing this brother Gregg.
God bless you!