Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Look and Features

I hope you like the new look of the Gospel-driven Disciples! I have been reading from some blogs about how to make my blog look better and be more useful to my current followers. I am not worried about attracting followers or growing my list. I have decided to apply the same principle to my blog as I have for my ministry – if I take care of the depth, I will trust God will take care of the breadth. In other words my job is, by His grace, to make this blog as biblical, beneficial, and beckoning as possible.

You will notice the new template. I like blue and I like the “starry and heavenly” look. I like to think it pictures the creation of our God of this universe. As I read Stephen Tremp’s blog, Breakthrough Blogs, he stated he changed his look or template twice a year. I like that since I don’t like things to stagnate or become mundane. So, unless my followers voice an objection I intend on changing my “look” twice a year. I will change, Lord willing, on June 30th and December 31st. Hopefully E-Blogger will continue to develop great templates.

Also new is the tab feature at the top of my blog. I want to “unclutter” the right panel on my blog. I like everything neat, orderly, convenient and in its place. So check out the tabs by clicking on them. One tab in particular I want you to be aware of his the Sermon/Bible Studies Tab. I will be teaching a lesson, Lord willing, each Sunday evening. I intend to post that lesson on that particular Sunday or at least by Monday. I will then leave the lesson up all week and then post the next lesson. You can if you wish follow on with our study in the First epistle of John the Apostle to the churches in Asia.

Each tab should be self-explanatory. Just click on it and see what is there. I included a few pics that I had on the computer. I don’t have a digital camera yet nor do I have a “connector” for my cell phone to the computer yet, so I know those pics are old.

I am interested in hearing what you think about my blog good or bad. I want to make it user friendly and give you a reason to read it each day. I like reading Tossing It Out right now because Lee is making some changes and I want to see what he does that might work for me. I look forward to your continued faithfulness and comments!

Thanks for reading!!

Thanks for sharing!!

Thanks for being a blessing to me!!


welcome to my world of poetry said...

I love the new look, I did notice yesterday , I think there comes a time when we all need changes albeit a new blog look or a change within ourselves.


JD Curtis said...

I like this look.

I'm one for "familiarity" so although I might tweek my blog in the future, I will probably get it to where I want to asthtetically and then leave it like that for quite some time.

God bless and keep up the good work!

Lloyd said...

I really like your blogs new look. It seems to be easier to read and being I'm getting older day by day that is very important. God's blessings too you Gregg and may our Lord continue to shine through you and your blog. Lloyd

Mike said...

If it doesn't damage my computer screen, how 'bout a picture of you in your sidebar? :) I always like to know what a person looks like when I listen to or read them.

Kansas Bob said...

I like the new look Gregg! And ditto what Mike said about a picture in the sidebar. I am not a fan of the captcha word verification but think it okay if you have had a history of spambots.. I have not so I don't use the annoying little thing :)

Gregg said...

Yvonne - Thanks! I love it too! I agree, change is good - I don't like things that can stagnate or spoil.

JD Curtis - Thanks also! Some things will remain the same for familiarity - but each his own. I find comfort in the familiarity around me. I don't know what good work I am doing but I will keep it up by God's grace!

Lloyd - Thank you! I didn't realize I could make it easier, especially with bigger fonts. I loke it too. Thank you for your blessing - blessings to you too!

Mike - I hope your more observant as a SWAT guy than my blog reader -(ha ha) I mentioned that if you go up to pics you can see some pics of the family and me. If you click on the about me TAB you will see a pic also. I will not guarantee that they might not break your monitor. Praying for you and your training brother! Lord bless you and thanks for protecting and serving!

KB - Thanks to you also! For awhile I did have alot of spam-bots so I went to the verificatgion. I took it out after your comment and will see what happens. Ditto to you, go up to the About Me TAB or the Picture TAB and you will see some photos. Mine are pretty, but my family's are!

Wanda said...

The new design has a very clean and polished look that feels more like a WordPress template.

Mike said...
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Mike said...

Ok, I went back and deleted my most previous comment, and instead clicked on other links for pictures...INSTED of seeing your mugshot in a sidebar :)

I must say, I like the drum kit. I'm a drummer myself. Grew up on Ludwig's and Paiste's. Neil Peart was my idol...if it was Neil Peart, I practiced and practiced and practiced...and finally played it. Love playing drums. Marched in a drum and bugle corps in Ohio in the mid-90's. Loved the constant chops building on the marching snare all summer long with dudes who could seriously thrash.

I'll give you a pass this time...but only becuz of the drums :) i still think you need a pic in your SIDEBAR!!!!!!!

Mike said...

VICTORY!!!!!!! I knew I'd twist your arm in some way or fashion. Must have been the drums, eh?

Gregg said...

Mike you are too funny! I do take direction and suggestions!

Brian Ray Todd said...

When I think about the Cosmos and how little really are in contrast, it makes me realize how great God is to reach down to touch me, His child, so small, yet so important to Him. Thanks for the new look that reminds me of my Father, my Creator God.