Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Hot Blog Award

Gospel Driven Disciples has inaugurated its first award for outstanding blogs. Joining with Calvinistic Cartoons, Gospel Driven Disciples recognizes The Old Geezer Blog site as the fastest growing Blog in the Blogo-sphere! At this printing the Old Geezer Blog has gained 718 followers.

Gospel Driven Disciples congratulates the Old Geezer Blog Site and awards this site the first Hot Blog Award given by the Gospel Driven Disciples. GDD echoes the words of Eddie Eddings and the Calvinistic Cartoons when Eddie said, "Congrats! You have created a very popular blog (and created a lot of new friends)."

GDD also joins Eddie Eddings when he states, "The ULTIMATE GOAL for any Christian blogger should be to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope along the way, you will stop and send up a praise to the One who was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, was crucified, buried, and rose from the dead. He will return like He promised...and we are closer today than we were yesterday."

Congrats to Ron, our hats off to you and The Old Geezer Blog for being the fastest growing blog and the hottest blog in the universe!

Stop by Ron and pick up your award, you have sure earned it. Also, the rules are when you place this coveted and prestigious award on your blog, link it back to the Gospel Driven Disciples and you must share seven things about you that we in the blogo-sphere don't already know, including your favorite passage of scripture.


Anonymous said...


Eddie Eddings said...

Yes! Now you have a REAL award!
We may never meet this side of Heaven but, when we get there...let's have a cup of coffee (or whatever the Heavenly equivalent is) and visit for a while!

The Old Geezer said...

Thank You Brother Gregg!!

I posted my Hot Blog Award to my Old Geezer Blog sidebar.

Thanks again,


Terry said...

up date brother gregg, the count is up to 723!
such a tremendous blog.!
such a godly man!
i am not sure but i think that guy with the cowboy hat on has a wider smile on his face[the profile picture]
i am telling you i think everyone of mr. old geezers 723 friends are proud of him and yet he shows no pride, just joy!.........from terry

JD Curtis said...


Both you and the geezer have great blogs!

Gregg said...

Renee - thanks for sharing in Ron's "special" award. Stop by again.

Eddie Eddings - he now has a real award. We will definetly look you up in heaven and have a cup or two of heavenly coffee!

OG - You are welcome brother. You earned it!

Terry - he is growing so fast I can't keep up! Fastest growing blog in the universe. He is a humble and godly man that encourages me.

JD Curtis - thanks a bunch and back at you.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Thanks for your visit and comment, I realised today that on Wednesday is the anniversary of mum's passing, after that it was all down hill. Today though I don't mourn their passing I celebrate their lives.Just felt a wee bit nostalgic.


Anonymous said...

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