Saturday, July 17, 2010

Metcalf’s Musings

I want to say with a very grateful and humble heart “Thank You” to the following folks who have agreed to pray for the bible study that begins Sunday evening, August 1st, 2010 in my home. I listed the four-fold goal or objectives of this bible study in my Wednesday, July 14th post.

There is one further objective that I am hoping to accomplish with this study – in time I hope it will grow into the Central Point Christian Fellowship of Longview, WA. In the meantime:

Thanks be unto our living God and unto you:


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Glenn and Evelyn Metcalf (my parents)

Craig and Jill Metcalf (my brother & sister-in-law)

Praise God for Blessings – Mercy Drops ‘Round Me Are Falling!

Our 2002 Buick Century began leaking coolant so I made an appointment with the shop today so they could look at it (Stirling Pontiac-Buick-GMC Truck of Longview). I sat in the waiting room and watched one of my favorite reruns, Boston Legal. An older gentleman came in to wait for his rig also and we began talking about various things, including God.

The Service Writer, Steve Harding, came in the waiting room to tell me my problem was a water-pump and belt and that it would cost with both parts and labor $400.00.

Thanks be to God, my spiritual growth through the Word, A. W. Pink’s The Sovereignty of God, and Jerry Bridges, Trusting God, I did not panic, but told Steve that I couldn’t have the work done now since I did not have the funds but I know that God will supply them and when God does we will make an appointment.

The older gentleman made the normal comments that you would expect, “Gee, that’s too bad, sorry to hear that, and I hope that works out for you.” I told him no worries; God will take care of it (I had talked with him already about the Lord). I got my keys told Steve, that God is in control and when He provides I will be back.

I got home gave the report to my wife. My Proverbs 31 wife. My wife who has begun cleaning homes and having yard sales since I have been unemployed, wife. She went into our bedroom and dug out her house cleaning and yard sale stash and said God has provided the $400.00 -  make the appointment. First, what a God and second what a Proverbs 31 wife of 37 years!

What a joy it was to call Steve right back and say, ‘Steve, as I shared with you God is in control and He has blessed me with the funds to take care of the car. He was stunned but made an appointment for me this coming Wednesday. Do you think God “broke” my water pump so I could have another shot (it has been months) at sharing God with Steve, my Service Advisor? I do. God is sovereign and God is in control.

No News on the Job front yet – I am trusting this same God who knew before the foundation of the world that a water pump on a 2002 Buick Century would go out in order to show me, Steve, and maybe an older gentleman that He is sovereign, wise, and who loves me will provide immediate finances and a job.

My daughter and grandson are staying with us now rather than visiting. She and her fiancé have decided to move back to Washington and be near family. He will be joining her next month and will need to find a job and an apartment.

Thank God the heat is gone. We are dropping back down to the mid 70’s, with clouds and even some rain promised next week. Praise God! I don’t like 90’s anymore, especially 98 and 99 degrees. That’s what Arizona is for isn’t it?



Thanks for all the updates.

Your wife sounds like the kind of help mate that God intended for all men to have. God bless her.

I'm still praying your home Bible study goes well and you find a job.

I only live a few miles from the coast and it was 92 yesterday. I'll take cooler temps any day! Under 65 is fine with me.

Pilgrim Mommy said...

Praise God for His timely provision. He does work all things together for good. I'm still praying that God will provide employment.

Brian Ray Todd said...

With my spoty visits to the computer, I missed your petition for prayers for your new Bible Study. You can add me to your list and also the growing list of brothers & sisters praying for you also. What a blessing your wife is!
The Holy Spirt leads and the Lord is in control, orchestrating and involved in the afairs of mankind and His creation. Blessings.

JD Curtis said...

I heard something similar a few years back on Paul Harvey's The Rest of the Story.

A man named Nate was working a dead end, clerk job with the US Patent office. It paid barely enough to have a small house for him, his wife and several kids.

One day, through a change of administrations, Nate lost his job. Anyone that was there would tell you, it was strictly politics, not his performance that got him canned.

He went home with a heavy heart, dreading to tell his wife. They were barely making ends meet and were now practically destitute.

When he informed his wife, she smiled and said "Thank God that you are finished with that job. Now you can go out and do the work that you always wanted to do".

She then went to the hidden compartments and drawers in an old fashioned bureau they had and began taking out all of the bills and coins she had been saving up for years with the change she had from picking up groceries each week.

When she laid it out on the table, Nate realized that they had enough money to live on for many months.

But what to do? Nate had always felt that he had a book in him so he started writing one. It was soon released. The title of the book was The Scarlet Letter.

He wrote others including the The House of the Seven Gables and other international bestsellers. Nates full name of course was Nathaniel Hawthorne and he went on to become one tof the most prolific writers in American literature..

And all of this was made possible because he lost his dead end job and had a wife with the same mentality as your wife does Gregg,

And now you know the REST of the story!