Sunday, July 4, 2010

George Jones and Vestal Goodman

I am sorry for the quality of this video but I wanted to share it with you. It was after his near fatal accident that Vestal Goodman shared the good news of the gospel with George and by his words he trusted in the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

Listen, can you hear those steel guitars? I hope there is steel guitars in heaven's gospel band!


welcome to my world of poetry said...

A wonderful video Gregg I watch spell bound.

Happy July 4th to you.


The Old Geezer said...

Brother Gregg, that story and song about George Jones was a real tearjerker.

God always seems to bring the right person around at the right time to get His work done.

Us pushy evangelist need to remember that God is in control and all that He plans to save will be saved. Praise be to God!!

Steve Finnell said...
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Terry said...

dear gregg,,,bernie and i are visiting mom golden who has been not feeling well at all.
we came over after this evening gospel meeting.
you have cheered her up so much with vestal..
the picture quality isn't too bad but you know what gregg? nothing can hurt the singing voice of this christian lady...this strong warrior of the lord!
i will have to comment more when i get home...i must tell you about mom golden...from terry

Terry said...

hi again gregg,
by the time that bernie and i left mom golden, she was in a real happy mood.
when my older sister, betty and i were younger, mom golden would never let us listen to the radio and that was in the good old days when bobby vinton, ricky nelson and a lot more good singers were on!
when betty and i were older, we got an apartment in ottawa, and that is when betty started to buy records...the blackwood brothers.the imperials and george bev shea.
ha! mom golden would listen to these records when she visited and say."hmm..they are king of lively aren't they?"
but we loved the hymns that those boys sang.
many years later in fact about 15 years ago, we fell in love with southern gospel, bill gaither and his friends.
there was a couple of months that mom was in depression and so we brought over to her a bill gaither video tape and when she had watched and listened to it, it took her completely out of her sadness and she fell in love with vestal and she still really likes her...that vestal used to be one encourager.
vestal is the one that got dottie rambo back too. dottie rambo when she got away from the lord was brought back by the love of vestal. she once said that when everyone else had left her, vestal would not give up!
and now that mom is into southern gospel music.
ha!..she never approved of us going to the concerts but one time we got HER out to one!
oh and by the way, one time she heard bobby vinton on the radio and said to me, "i guess that guy isn't such a wild singer after all!
mom golden is 80 but she sure is a lot younger at heart than she was 45 years ago!
she is just like one of the girls and she sure was like one of the girls today when she saw that vestal video that you had on this post.
i always try to feature vestal myself too.
in fact i had her on my post for the july 4 celebration..

sorry i have talked so long gregg, but i just had to thank you!...........from terry

Patrina's Pencil said...

Great story and song. I love the steel guitars too!My granddad and uncle played one.
Thanks for sharing

Patrina <")>><