Monday, July 26, 2010

Medford, Miracles, and Madness

Irene and I got the Buick back from the shop on Wednesday. You remember, we had to replace the water pump and while we were in there the serpentine drive belt. Let me remind you that the serpentine drive belt is part of scheduled maintenance and it is scheduled to be “maintained” (replaced) at 100,000 miles. I intend to drive this Buick until my death or the return of our Lord, whichever comes first – (unless someone donates the car of my dreams, a 1968 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible).

Since being out of work we have been as frugal as possible trying to stay afloat while we wait upon the Lord. It has taken a slight toll on me – I am going “stir-crazy.” I had a bad case of cabin fever. I wanted a road trip!

Some of you remember that through making a comment on another blog I was re-united with my dear friend John Griffin. I met John in 1978 when we were both living in the same duplexes, attending the same Bible College, and working at the same company; Alta Dena Dairy of Industry, CA. We had lost contact over the years and I hadn’t seen John in some 25 years.

Friday, spontaneously, with a quick prayer for blessing and forgiveness for stupidity, we left Longview, WA at 3:15 PM for Medford, Oregon. We drove across the Lewis and Clark Bridge over the beautiful Columbia River and took highway 30 to Portland. What a beautiful drive along the Lewis and Clark Trail next to the River. We eased through Portland traffic and hit I-5 South. Wouldn’t you know it, an accident on the opposite side of the freeway at Tigard slowed traffic to a crawl through Wilsonville – for an hour it was a snail’s pace.

Well we got through that mess and drove to Grants Pass, OR where we met a dear sweet friend, her daughter, and granddaughter. We had coffee, gallons of it and blackberry pie! HMMMMM good eats! We arrived around 9:15 and we talked to about 1:00 AM. It was a great visit. It was so good to catch up with Judy and Shannon from Faith-Hope-Love. Both Judy and Shannon are such wonderful sweethearts; I wish you could know them both. You would be so blessed!

We had booked a room in Medford at the Budget Inn. We had no fears, dark, unfamiliar city, and all. Why? I had mapped-quested it. Oh no you say- yes, MapQuest was wrong. We were lost in Medford at 2:00 in the morning. However, my ever loving and resourceful wife reminded me we had GPS on her new cell phone that our daughter had given her. GPS what’s that? I had never used it before. Between the two of us, several tries, prayers of forgiveness for frustration we figured it out. It talked us right to the motel. I am hooked! I have to get GPS for the car. She had me when she told me to turn left into my destination in 26 feet. Wow!

We checked in and for a budget motel it was clean, attractive, and did the trick. Oops, no tricks – it was a nice room! We slept like rocks, or babies – no not babies, we didn’t wake up every two hours crying and needing changed. We slept well. Up early, showers, dressed and ready to meet our friend and his wife.

He decided to meet for breakfast at the Black Bear Diner on Barnett Road. If you are ever in Medford, OR you must stop and eat there. It is sinful. It is decadent. It is almost immoral – the biscuits and country gravy, sausage links, and over easy eggs were fantastic. They were reasonable also.

Well, no fear now – we just asked the cell phone for the Black Bear Diner and it gave us the address and asked us if we wanted a map, directions, or something else, what was that. We opted for directions and once again she spoke us right to the diner and our dear friend.

We broke bread together and had sweet fellowship. We then paid the bill and drove back to John and Karen’s house. We spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon just talking about Christ, His Word, His goodness to us and his working in our lives. It was the best time I have had since I can remember – gosh now I feel like the Old Geezer, can’t remember anything anymore! Our time together was so sweet – you couldn’t give me a million dollars for it, but maybe a 1968 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible.

But alas, someone once said, “all good things must come to an end.” It did. We left John’s at about 3:15 PM and found I-5 North and headed back to good ole Longview, WA. It was a pleasant trip, the air worked well, the water pump did its job and with God’s blessing we arrived home at about 9:00 PM. The cats, Theophilus and Coco welcomed us back. We un-packed and turned on some fans – it is hot in WA again.

I thought I would watch and episode of CSI-Vegas and wind down. I guess I didn’t need it, I fell asleep before the credits came on and Irene left me on the couch in front of the fans and I slept like a rock, or a baby or a …

Medford is a beautiful city and we enjoyed it tremendously. The miracle was a safe and sound trip down and back and getting to see all the friends we love and have missed and we got to meet a new friend, John’s wife. The madness, well we drove 700 miles round trip for breakfast in Medford with friends. Say, where do you live?

Thank you Lord for allowing us to be unwise at times and extravagant in order to spontaneously take a road trip to see old friends because I was going “stir-crazy.” It wasn’t good stewardship but it did my heart good and so refreshed me. Hopefully the Lord and you will forgive us.


WhiteStone said...

Mentioning a 1968 Pontiac Bonneville and GPS in the same post just seems incongruous. *smile*

JD Curtis said...

Neat entry.

Me and the Mrs. have to plan more not-too-far-away, 1 or 2 day getaways like this.

Thanks Gregg

Pilgrim Mommy said...

Glad you and your wife had a refreshing getaway.

(BTW, "Faith Cottage" is a great name for your house.)

Gregg said...

WhiteStone - I guess it does, but a guy can dream can't he?

JD Curtis - thanks. I hope you do and soon.

PM - Thanks and thanks!

Brad said...

"Thank you Lord for allowing us to be unwise at times and extravagant in order to spontaneously take a road trip to see old friends because I was going “stir-crazy.”

That sounded a little like Luther, Gregg...anyway, loved it. Glad you got some"rest" on the road away from home.


Kansas Bob said...

What a sweet recounting of your trip Gregg! So glad you got away. I continue to hold your employment needs before our Father.