Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thanks, but no Thanks!

There is no doubt that God has a purpose for His glory and my good in my unemployment. From eternity past, God knew that August 21, 2009 was going to be a significant day in my life. Thus far God has seen to it in one form or fashion that our needs have been met. The real test will come December 1st, 2009 when savings and available finances disappear.

Job hunting is a real chore. Many of you know it is not fun. I post today, not negatively nor in a complaining fashion, but simply because I am amazed at the daunting task employers, Human Relations managers, and hiring supervisors must be going through.
I say this because in the last two days I received four of what I call the, “thanks but no thanks form letter. You know the one that says in effect, “At this time we have decided to pursue other candidates whose background and skills more closely match our requirements for this position.” It is getting to where I can almost wallpaper a wall in my office with those things.

Again, my heart goes out to them as I pray for them to have the wisdom necessary to turn me down. After all they don’t get to talk to me, see me, hear me, or get to know me. My life is reduced to a one page resume attached to a cover letter in hopes of setting off process of someone finally saying, “Yep, he’s the one.”

Having worked steady for the past 37 years it is hard not to think with every application I turn in, “Hey look at me, I’m the one!” Several years ago when canidating for a church in Northern California for the position of teaching pastor, I once received the best “rejection” letter ever. Basically it said, “Well, we are not sure what we want right now, but we do know you’re not it.” That was classic. God bless ‘em!

God has a plan! He is sovereign! He will open the right door at the right time! He proved to Mary, Martha, the residents of Bethany, and a man named Lazarus that Jesus can be four days late and still be right on time!

I have no fear that God will prove to me that no matter how late I think He may be, He will be right on time. The good news is that I am being evaluated next week at a church for the position of teaching pastor. If they like what they see on paper, they may contact me for an interview. In the mean time, I will still continue to submit applications and resumes to the glory of God.


Anonymous said...

I've been through that myself and took the same approach, and I have a close friend doing the same thing right now. God will deliver. Blessings to you!

Eddie Eddings said...

It's the "mean time" that builds character and strength, brother. My first freelance job here in Kuwait did not go as I expected. I was cheated out of some #750 because I took someone at their word rather than by written contract. (..long story, yes, I know better, but circumstances were quite different than in the states..) I still don't have a permanent job here (I DO know the truth in your words - and many thanks for the encouragement of your heart and mind in this matter), but God is doing things I know nothing about. We have to trust when we don't understand. And He graciously puts us in that corner MANY times so that we don't try to rest on the faith of yesterday.

Pilgrim Mommy said...

This is such a hard lesson to learn but a necessary one. It is the goodness of God to ordain our circumstances where we can rely on nothing else and put our security in nothing else but Him. You and your family continue to be in my prayers.

Gregg said...

Thank you all. Your encouragement and prayers are much appreciated. I have come to be thankful for you all.