Sunday, November 1, 2009

Snyopsis of Today's Sojourners Lesson

The World Divided by God
John 1:12-13 * (Part III)


Neither physical birth, ethnic descent, nor human effort can make an individual a child of God. One is made a child by God’s supernatural work by regenerating, or giving life to an individual who then responds as a result of that life in faith and repentance.


Since man is encased in irreparable darkness God gave the right or the authority for men and women to become the children of God by enabling them through regeneration to respond by the gift of faith.

So we argue;

• The sinner can not make himself a child of God
• The sinner is given a new standing or status by God
• The sinner is given as a gift this authority to become a child of God by God
• Salvation is the impartation of life as an act of God which makes one His child


• Napoleon’s corporal
• I John 5:1, I John 3:1; James 1:18, I Peter 1:3, 23


The main theme of these verses is that the genuine light that makes the darkness visible within each and every man has divided humanity into those who reject the Word, gives the gift which enables some to receive the Word as the Word makes them children of God. So, how do we use this doctrine or teaching? There are at least five (5) ways in which we can use this doctrine or teaching:

REALIZE that your new birth is the direct result of the complete working of God in your heart. Contemplate and meditate on this tremendous truth!

REHEARSE the events and the truth that God used to regenerate you which led to your response of faith and repentance. You should constantly rehearse this truth in order not to grow “cold”, lax, or stale in your appreciation of God’s grace.

REJOICE in the realization that God, by His own sovereign choice, imparted life to you which made you a child of God. This truth should flow through your soul with great joy!

REPENT of any and all thoughts that you had anything to do with your new birth. Misunderstanding the order of salvation and God’s work from beginning to end robs Him of the glory that is rightfully His. God will not share His glory with anyone.

REPEAT this great truth over and over to everyone that you come in contact with. Share this great truth, though God has shined His “light” into the darkness of their heart, God as He chooses by His grace imparts life through regeneration which leads to faith & repentance.

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