Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sojourner's Sunday'Synopsis

“The Incarnation of the Christ”
John 1:14 * (Part I)


John emphasizes the mystery of the incarnation of Christ. He is going to make clear the fact that the Word now assumed a new form of existence. Jesus did not cease to be God the Son. His humanity was both real and complete. He remained the same “person in the Godhead” as before, but now he became flesh to make visible the invisible God.


John has to very careful right here. If he just said that the eternal Word of God assumed manhood or adopted the form of a body, the reader, who has been inculcated in the teaching of dualism, might have missed John’s entire point. John is not ambiguous. He is almost shocking in his declaration. John declares that The Word became flesh!
So we argue;

• The Word became incarnate was not made incarnate

• This incarnation came about in a unique or miraculous manner

• Through the incarnation the Word has made the invisible God visible

• The incarnation was meant to emphasize the quality of the unique Son

• The incarnation communicated essential attributes of God


• Genesis 22: 2, 12, 16


The main theme of this verse emphasizes the mystery of the incarnation of Christ. My aim this morning is that each one of you understands the extraordinary significance of the incarnation of Jesus Christ by examining the reality of the incarnation There are at least three (3) ways in which we can use this doctrine or teaching:

• Gaze intently with the purpose of admiring the work of God in the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Meditate deeply on the graciousness of God as He unveiled Himself in the Person of the Son. Learn that God is indeed gracious to you through His Son.

• Work to uncover the truth that God is the only valid basis of truth and morality. Truth that will meet your needs, counsel you in times of trial or indecision, guide you accurately, or comfort your pain and sorrow does not come from philosophy, speculations, humanistic reasoning, or vain imaginations.

• Ask God for understanding concerning the uniqueness and preciousness of His only- one of a kind Son that was made sin for you in order to have a way opened through the veil or curtain into the very presence of God in order to give the proper devotion, worship, respect, and obedience.

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