Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Demise of my Dell

Well, I finally heard from the computer shop today and the news aint’ that great! It seems that my computer has had it, it has gone kaput, given up the ghost, went south, bought the farm, cashed in the chips, and whatever other euphemisms we can substitute for she’s a goner.

I had a Dell Inspiron 1150 that had been given to me by my employer as a Christmas Bonus in 2004. I loved that little computer. It was my first laptop. My dad had introduced his five children to “computers” by giving each one of us old TI 99 back in 1989 in order to see if we would like computers. I was in my junior year of college before I ever used a computer.

Well I progressed from the TI99 to my first desk top computer – a 286 with a 40 MB hard drive. Then of course the upgrades took off from there, 386, 486, 586 to the processors that are standard today.

Back to my poor laptop, the LED screen and optical drive went out on my computer. It just isn’t worth putting the money into it to fix it. In the meantime I will hook an external monitor up to it in order to continue to use it until I can pray in another lap top.

It took awhile for me to really like and use the laptop. My boss gave it to me to use in the field on sales calls to take applications in the client’s home. I would do that but then felt compelled to transfer everything to my desk top. What a hassle it was to continually shift everything back and forth. One day the power source in the desk top failed and I was left with the laptop exclusively. I began to enjoy it, and to use it more frequently in all sorts of settings. I then became sold on laptops and never went back to a desk top.

It will interesting to see what the Lord provides next!

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