Monday, February 16, 2015

What Does It Take to Be Made A Believer? (Part 1)

Christian:  Then Christian began, and said, I will ask you a question. How came you to think at first of doing as you do now?

Hope:  Do you mean, how came I first to look after the good of my soul?

Christian:  Yes, that is my meaning.

Hope:  I continued a great while in the delight of those things which were seen and sold at our Fair; things which I believe now would have (had I continued in them still) drowned me in perdition and destruction.

Christian:  What things were they?

Hope:  All the treasures and riches of the World. Also I delighted much in rioting, revelling, drinking, swearing, lying, uncleanness, sabbath-breaking, and what not, that tended to destroy the soul. But I found at last, by hearing and considering of things that are Divine, which I indeed hear of you, as also of beloved Faithful, that was put to death for his faith and good living in Vanity-Fair, that the end of these things is Death. And that for thee things sake, the wrath of God cometh upon the children of disobedience.

Christian: And did you presently fall under the power of this conviction?

Taken from John Bunyan, The Pilgrim's Progress, (Uhrichsville: Barbour and Company,) p. 157-158

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