Tuesday, February 3, 2015

5 Principles From Turning Water into Wine

My devotion this morning was taken from John 2:1-12. This is a familiar story of an event in the early ministry of our Lord. 

He and His disciples had been invited to a wedding in the town of Cana. Since Mary, Jesus' brothers, and Jesus had been invited, this was probably the wedding of a family member or very close friend.

If you are not familiar with the story please take a moment and turn to John 2 and read verses one through twelve. Most who read this blog will remember that John chose to write this gospel to prove or authenticate Christ's claim of being the Messiah. Rather than write a biography of Christ, John chose 7 miracles or "signs" performed by Christ to authenticate His claim.

Let me say, at this point, that this is not the time nor place to "argue" the percentage of fermentation of the wine at the supper or the wine that Christ made. Certainly enough ink has been spilt over this issue. If you don't know my position, email me sometime, I will gladly share it.

My purpose today is to share with you at least five (5) principles that can be gleaned from this account by John. I think they are principles that are vital to our Christian walk. So, they are as follows:

  • In time of need, turn to Christ, through God first! Running out of wine could have been a real problem. Mary went straight to Jesus. She wasted no time, did not rely on herself, no beat the bushes for solutions. She ran to Christ.

  • Even in times of need or real problems, priorities must be maintained. Since wine and its bounty, among other things was a symbol of God's blessing and an element of the coming kingdom, Jesus kept the priority of the cross and exaltation in proper perspective and order. He reminded Mary that priorities and perspective must be maintained even in times of need or want.

  • Great faith and consistent faith is necessary to walk with God and to please God. Without faith, it is impossible to please God and Christ did little or no "work" where there was no or little faith. Mary's faith was elevated to the type of faith that could say, "Whatever He says to you, do it." Have absolute confidence in Christ to meet you need in His timing and technique. 

  • Always rely on God and seek God's wisdom as to never miss the point or reason in the workings of God. The host missed the point. He focused on the goodness of the wine and it being served last without making the connection that Jesus was the Messiah by the miracle itself.

  • God's work can and will produce faith. His disciples were convinced and believed. God will draw His elect unto Himself through great and small events. 

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Anonymous said...

Great post as usual Gregg, I drink a ot of water glad it isn't turned into wine though.