Monday, February 2, 2015

God is Sovereign Over Everything!

God is sovereign over everything in my life. And He is in your life also. I don't say this as if it something I just learned or I am surprised by its reality. I am just amazed at how God can control the most insignificant events in my life in order to accomplish some purpose that He has for me.

This morning, even though my alarm with off on time, I didn't chose to get up until 30 minutes later than normal. Although I was up later and running behind on my "schedule" I still had to shower, dress, put the leash on Fi Fi and then get in a newly purchased power chair to take Fi Fi on her normal walk and morning constitution. 

These little things - getting up later, still doing the same morning routines but at a later time. Significant? Insignificant? Well today in God's sovereign timing He put me where He needed me at the exact moment He needed me.

I was "cruising" up W. Main headed to NW 8th in order to head off into our daily walk when I encountered an individual in a power chair. I asked him to stop and roll toward me and he wanted to "run away." As he turned I noticed the battery charger cord was dangling from the back of the chair. My chair did the same thing. Wait, that was my chair!

Friday night while waiting on Gold Rush to come on I fell asleep in my recliner. I woke up about 10:00 PM and knew I better take the dog out quickly or, "forget about it." I opened the door to get into my power chair and it was gone. Yeppers, stolen. Stolen from under the covered walkway in front of my door. I was sick. 

I called the Kelso Police Department who sent an officer to take a report. I never expected to see that chair again. The Lord gives and the Lord takes, blessed be the name of the Lord!

Since God "sovereignly" arranged for me to wake up later than normal, complete my morning routine later than normal and set out on our walk later than normal, I was able to confront this guy. 

Apparently he bought if off a couple of teen-age boys for 20.00. We have chased those boys out of the complex before. I offered his 20.00 back and that I would not call the cops if we returned the chair to my door without incident. He did and I did.

God is good. Oh no, don't get me wrong. God is not good simply because He let me recover my power chair. God was good when He allowed Irene to find it at a rummage sale and God was good when He permitted it to be stolen. God is good always and always does God. God is good because of a million reasons, but one reason He is good, is He is good because He is sovereign over the times, the seasons, and the events in my life. And because He provides even before I can ask.

Quite frankly, I hadn't even asked God for it to be recovered yet. I praised God for His goodness even in my loss. I hadn't even gotten around to asking yet and now it is sitting here 20 feet away having its batteries recharged. So, praise God!

Two more things if I may:

Yes, it was a dumb call that ended in an interception, but thanks Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks for a great season! I ashamed you lost control of yourselves and entered into a brawl. 

Happy 56th Birthday to my only brother, Craig Lee Metcalf of Houston, Texas! 


Persis said...

I'm glad you were able to recover you chair, Gregg. God is good all the time.

Eddie Eddings said...

Three chairs for Gregg Metcalf!!
Great story old timer.

KC Bob said...

Great story Gregg.

Sorry about your Seahawks.

Mike said...

Excellent work, Detective Gregg!

On a more serious note, I have a friend who often says God is good, but I notice it comes only when things are going well for him. I've asked, "Is He good anyway?"

I'm thankful you are a living testimony that God is good in ALL things, because He is sovereign over all things.

Anonymous said...

Pleased you recovered your chair Gregg also a happy birthday to your brother,