Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What Do You Think?

The following question was posted on Facebook on 02-24-2014:

Do Christians surrender all of our Christian rights and religious freedoms when we enter into the business world?

My Reply:

First of all, I am not sure what is meant by Christian rights. I didn't know there was such a "thing." Second, freedoms that are given are freedoms that can be taken.

When someone obtains a business license from a state one "promises" or agrees to abide by and obey all laws and regulations established (right or wrong) by the state.

 Therefore, one (particularly believers) must thoroughly examine their desire to open and maintain a business and the regulations established and enforced by the state.

 If they cannot because of conscience, scripture, or conviction obey and maintain those regulations then they SHOULD not open a business in the state.

 But to knowingly apply for and receive a business license and open a business resulting in a disclaimer that religious convictions prohibit them from obeying those regulations is deceptive and fraud. Their options are

1) do not open the business, 

2) apply for a variance and special provision in the license,

3) utilize the legislative privileges and have the laws changed, 

4) move to a state that has a more flexible license. 

(Disclaimer: I don't approve of all the laws and regulations governing businesses nor do I condone sinful and wicked behavior or practice. I do advocate that we as believers be consistent in our beliefs and practices.)


Anonymous said...

As long as one behaves Christian-like to his/her collegues that is all that matters,


Susan said...

Your comments bring to mind the persons who opened a bakery and refused to bake a "wedding" cake for a gay couple. I agree with you, Gregg. The things we are seeing going on are sad to see, but the Lord told us these things would happen. The fact that things are what they are, are the Lord's judgment on us. These are perilous times.