Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Christians in a Declining Culture

As a Grace Partner I received a monthly form letter from Pastor John MacArthur, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA.

In this letter he called our attention to some observations about the culture in which the early believers lived in. In this instance I agree with MacArthur's proposition and conclusions.This paragraph is a summary paragraph in the letter. I post it because with the "political" discussions going on in various blogs and social media such as Facebook, I find myself in an increasing minority of so-called Christians.

"So is there any good news?" you may be asking. Actually I believe the current situation is good news. For years I've been concerned by the church's pursuit of cultural change through political and social activities. Large swaths of Christians have placed enormous time, energy, money, and hope in the wrong places. Hand in glove with that thinking, superficial, cultural Christianity has blurred the clear lines between the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of this world, and has softened the hard demands of the gospel, making professing Christ easy and without cost. As a result churches have been filled with highly religious, superficially moral, self-righteous people who don't understand the Gospel and are self-deceived about their true spiritual state."

Taken from a letter written by John McArthur to Grace Partners supporters dated February 13, 2014.


Larri said...

Excellent and quite agree. Tim and I had this very discussion this AM. People get the salvation part of Christianity, but then they don't want to work on the sanctification part of becoming more Christ-like. Where is the desire to be like Him, shine His light? It's more of a 'Whew! I'm saved. I'm in, so I'm good.' It is our desire & focus to teach our children to examine their spiritual state daily. Take it to the cross & to Him. It's the only way to truly know.

Happy Wednesday, Gregg! As always, love your posts & reading them daily. Coming back from my long absence and will be responding more.

Susan said...

When I lived in California I was blessed to attend John MacArthur's church in "the valley". I didn't always agree with him (big issue for me is pre-trib, I'm a postie) however it was not an issue I felt was necessary to separate over. Great quote!