Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Bible Intake Progam

I got to thinking that since I informed you of having finally found a bible reading plan that I am excited about and suggested a bible intake "program" it dawned me that maybe I should share what I am doing. I certainly am not sharing with you to intimidate you or to "brag." I hope that this information will encourage you to develop a plan or program that will get you into the word regularly, deeply, intimately, and effectively.


For my daily devotions I have developed the following plan. First, I try and have consistent early morning devotions each morning, Monday through Saturday. I try to meet our Lord at approximately 6:30 AM and I spend about 45 to 60 minutes with Him.

  • I prepare my heart with a short prayer of confession & commitment
  • I preach the gospel to myself each morning. I use Milton Vincent's A Gospel Primer as a tool to remind myself of the deep truths of the gospel and its impact on my life.
  • I read my paragraph or so at least 4 times
  • I meditate through the passage looking for application
  • I pray using the ACTS acronymn
  • I sing a hymn of praise, thanksgiving or worship
Currently I have begun my devotional meditation in Acts. I am going to meditate through Acts and then meditating on the epistles Paul wrote in the appropriate place in Acts that he wrote them. 

Once I meditate through Acts, the Pauline epistles, I will then meditate through Revelation. I will then meditate through one of the gospels. I use the English Standard Version for my devotions.

Bible Study

My bible study is going to be a bit different than the most of you. I am now preaching each Sunday. I am preaching through the first epistle of John to the Asian churches. So I am studying it in an in-depth manner everyday. 

I recommend that you pick a week night or an evening and after supper, turn off the TV and spend at least one night a week in an in-depth study (with appropriate study tools) and dig deep into a book, or a doctrine, or a character study.

I use the Majority Text for my study of First John. (with a lot of help from tools, books, and sources.)

Reading Plan

I read the New Testament and Old Testament every other year (beginning this year). I read Monday through Friday. I have a bible in my office, one in my home, and one in my car.

 Therefore I can read this plan anywhere and at any time. If I find I didn't have time to read in my office, then I can read it at home. If I find I didn't read it there, I can read it in the car while Irene is shopping.

By the way, I practice something I picked up from my former pastor, Evert Atkinson of the Coal Creek Community Church of Longview, WA. I read from a different translation each year in order to get a wider picture of the various texts which the translation were made from. 

This year my bible reading is being done with the 1599 Geneva Bible. Last year it was the English Standard Version. Next year it will be another version.

What is your bible intake plan or program?

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I think that planning ahead is the basis whether it's Bible studies or life in general.
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