Friday, December 7, 2012

What Is In a Name? Part I

There are many reasons why churches* choose their name. Some want to stand out from the “competition.” Some simply are fulfilling a legal requirement for government forms. Sometimes churches choose a name to identify a particular bent, doctrine, or attribute that they want their church to be known for.

I have seen some different at best and down right strange at worst names for churches. I have also, like many of you, come across some weird names on the internet.

For December, I want to take each Friday and share some of these strange and different names. These names are not all original with me. I have taken them from various sites. I simply hope you can enjoy them and chuckle with me, (even if you shake your head in disbelief or bewilderment.)

Note: These name are not made up. They have been verified from church directories. Some stuff you just can’t make up!

"Cool" Churches: ("I would that thou were cold…" Rev. 3:15)

Yoe Christ United Methodist Church
Yoe, PA

Coolville United Methodist Church
Coolville, OH

Grooverville United Methodist Church
Boston, GA

McCool United Methodist Church
McCool, MS

McCool Junction United Methodist Church
McCool, NE

North Pole Church of God
Fairbanks, AK

Penguin Baptist Church
Penguin, Tas., Australia.

Arctic Circle Baptist Church
Fort Yukon, AK

Snow United Methodist Church
Lowell, MI

Glacier Way United Methodist Church
Detroit, MI

Coldwater United Methodist Church
Coldwater, MI

Snow Shoe United Methodist Church
Cent. Pa. 

* Please note that believing one is a church, organizing as a church, or having the name "church" does not make an organization a church. This fun look at various names does not give any endorsement to any of these organizations. You must use discretion, wisdom, and New Testament truth to consider any organization a church, especially if you were to consider worshipping or fellowshipping with such organization.

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Yvonne's World of Poetry said...

Superb post Gregg, here they don't do names like these. It's plain St John's or anything like that.

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