Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Some Suggestions for Your Prayer List

Sometimes we wonder how or what to pray for ourselves. Unfortunately, most believers treat God like a genie in a bottle when it comes to their prayer closet. Some prayer meetings sound like Major Nelson asking Jeannie for three wishes rather than asking their heavenly Father for the things that they need to honor, make much of God, obey God and for their growth. They focus on physical or material things. Here are some things to add to your prayer list.

Father, by your grace, please keep me mindful of...

  • the grace that drew me to Christ
  • the blood that cleanses me from all sin
  • the righteousness that justifies me and governs me
  • the truth that continually sanctifies me
and Father, by that same grace, please keep me from...
  • obscuring your truth
  • injuring your people
  • distorting your name
  • grieving your Holy Spirit
  • blaspheming your dear Son
  • failing to serve obediently

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Yvonne's World of Poetry said...

Excellent suggestions for prayer Gregg. have copied them down.