Monday, December 3, 2012

An Answer to the Soul of a Convict

Porter Wagoner recorded this song in 1960. In this song he tried to take a novel idea about God giving ill-treated convicts a reprieve from hell. Great humanism but not biblical truth. I like the song and it dawned me that I could answer this song. The following composition was written in one sitting with no editing or revision by myself to answer his query. 

An Answer to the Soul of a Convict
written by Gregg Metcalf

Soul of a Convict – Performed by Porter Waggoner
Answer to Soul of a Convict – Written by Gregg Metcalf

Just like you Mr. Wagoner I was taught the bible at my mother’s knee
When we finished all the reading she would teach me how to pray
She told me about God’s goodness and all about the devil’s way
So I hope you will let me answer your question, for this is my plea

Yes, there is good in the bad and there’s some bad in the good
And there is no question that every man has been affected by sin
But I can answer your questions about those who die in the pen
when death knocks at their door dressed in his dark black hood

I could never imagine that I am God almighty gazing at these men
Even when their life is over and they are finally freed from the pen
I think that God who is true and just can look from his heavenly throne
And be pleased to see men placed in chains and stripes
Tucked away from their love ones at home

God is a just God who requires payment for crimes that men have done
No man for a minute would ever think that prison could ever be fun
I agree no one should be worked like a dog or be fed like a hog or chained
No man should suffer beatings or tortures that leave good men maimed

I am sure you could tell us many stories that would make a man sick
And I know that men are still beaten and many times still take a lick
Although God is a loving God full of mercy He’d neither sneer nor frown
At men treated so badly but Mr. Wagoner please don’t turn things around

You are right there is a heaven and there is a hell and its God we trust
And although you fret and worry God will always be just
Don’t be mistaken about meeting God on those golden stairs
Hell is meant for the soul that sins and it doesn’t matter where

If a man never repents it doesn’t matter if he was in the pen
No man can pay the debt of sin nor pay the price for men
And some men are born to trouble that I could never explain
Underdogs or not men from the pen will suffer just the same

Mr. Wagoner it’s not a question of will God make a man pay twice
No man will be able to stand on judgment day and hand God a price
Sin’s debt must be paid by the shedding of blood that God will receive
It doesn’t matter what you think or what you have come to believe 

On that judgment day when God calls that convict I think must be you
He will not say that you had your hell while in the pen, no that’s not true
If you want to save the soul of a convict, forget what you think or hope
Give way to God’s Son or you will perish on hell’s slippery slope

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Yvonne's World of Poetry said...

This was awesome Gregg, I enjoyed the read very much,

On another subject I started Facebook yesterday after months of hassle from them. Today I logged on to find they have deactivated me. So if you don't see my name of your friends that's the reason why,