Monday, November 5, 2012

Timely Lessons

Five Things I Was Reminded of on Sunday

1.    Hypocrisy is a very serious sin with horrific consequences. (Matt 23:1-36)

2.    Sin is so ugly, deforming, and repulsive to God that He chose to teach us how ugly it is by representing it by leprosy

3.    As ugly as sin is and as horrible as leprosy can be, the residual of sin which dwells in my unredeemed flesh can lure and entice me to succumb to temptation

4.    God’s grace is absolutely unspeakable in its fullest expression

5.    The Lord’s Table is a very moving, comforting, and gracious expression of God’s kindness towards us who are so prone to forget the how, the why, the who, and the what of redemption.

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Brian Ray Todd said...

Our Pastor says that Christians have taken the "non-offending" position so long that we are no longer a factor in our culture. We have lost our voice, ignored and expected to keep our opinions to ourselves. That is not ministry. That is no spreading the gospel. How did we get so far from the "Great Commission"? Are we to just worry about ourselves, spending our entire lives pulling the plank from our own eye or try to seek and save the lost as Jesus did? Food for thought, for sure. Thanks Pastor Greg for always peaking the truth in love.